How to Prevent a Rodent Infestation from Taking over Your Home

posted by Chris Valentine

Once mice get into your home, it’s difficult to get them back out. Click here to learn how to prevent a rodent infestation from taking over your home.

With winter in full swing now, we need to protect our homes from the damage it can bring. Things like frozen pipes and leaks spring to mind, but there’s another problem too – rats. 

The winter weather often forces rodents into your home to try and stay warm. Almost 3 in 10 US homes have rodents, and yours could too. Rodents can cause a lot of damage to your home so it’s important to prevent them from ever getting in.

Are you worried about a rodent infestation in your home? Read on to find out how you can prevent them from taking over.


1. Keep The House Clean

The first step to keeping rodents away from your home is to keep your house as clean as possible. Rodents run to wherever they can find food so you have to tidy up well.

Clean up any crumbs around the house and take the garbage out often. You should also store food away in the pantry and use airtight boxes that keep it sealed securely.

Clean the parts of your house where rodents are most likely to get in like basements or attics. Keep them clean, dry and well ventilated to make them less attractive to rodents.

2. Close the Gaps

It’s also important to close and seal any gaps in your home where rats could find a way in. You should seal holes and cracks outside of the house using a combination of steel wool and caulk.

The areas you need to look for any holes is anywhere pipes or utilities are. These are the places where rodents are most likely to find a way in and settle in your home.

Also, check the windows and make sure they’re sealed well too. If you make it as difficult as possible for them to get it, they’ll move on to somewhere else. 

3. Set Some Traps

Do you suspect your house may already have a rodent infestation or be susceptible to one? If so, lay down some traps as a precaution.

You can find humane traps if you don’t want to harm the rodents, but rat traps are different than mouse traps. You should place these traps around anywhere the rats are most likely to congregate. This means the attic, basement, kitchen and any outbuildings you may have.

Since rodents tend to be very cautious creatures, it may take a few days before they’re caught in the traps. You could also consider rodenticides if you do have a serious rodent infestation.

4. Store Food Well

Food is a huge factor for rats settling in your home, so you need to make sure that you keep it secure. Rats are great at eating through cardboard boxes so make sure to store your food in plastic tubs.

Also be sure to clean up any spilled food or crumbs as soon as they happen. Keep all food-prep areas clean and tidy and if you have pets, store their food bowls away after use.

Also try to keep garbage away from the house and use a thick, sturdy garbage can. These can all help to keep rodents far from your house as they’ll think there’s no food to come in for.

5. Call in the Professionals

There are a lot of great rodent prevention measures you can take and you can read more here. But if it turns out that you do have an infestation, don’t try to face it alone.

It can be a very expensive and dangerous situation and you need a professional to handle it. Pest control professionals know how to trap and remove rodents from your home and keep them out.

They know where to look for rats and will find the places they are living in. From there, they can rid your house of rodents and help you enjoy the rest of winter without worry!

These Tips Will Help Prevent a Rodent Infestation

A rodent infestation is no joke and they can be a huge source of stress and can even be dangerous. These tips will help you prevent them getting in and keep your belongings and family safe.

Looking for more tips to keep your house safe and tidy? Read our blog section to get some inspiration for your home.

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