How to Become a YouTube Star 

posted by Chris Valentine

The internet has completely changed  the way in which we live, it has flipped the World of entertainment upside down and it has made creating businesses and being successful far easier than it ever was. One such way that people are benefiting from the new way we are viewing entertainment and becoming successful is through the use of video sharing platform YouTube. This website has seen incredible success since its inception in 2005, created by 3 former Paypal employees the website was bought out by Google in 2006 and sees billions of views on a daily basis.


Those who use the site to upload videos can see great success by way of advertising and if you want to be a star of the screen then you it is easier than ever to do so, you just need a cellphone, an internet connection to get your videos online. Being successful at it however, is a little trickier and here are some steps that you need to follow.

Engage Your Audience

I was watching the famous pastor and prophet TB Joshua giving his weekly sermon to his congregation at the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) a few weeks ago whilst searching for inspirational people who can engage their audience. Whilst speaking to his huge audience, the pastor also spoke through the camera to those at home and I realized that he displays exactly what anyone wishing to be successful on YouTube needs to offer their audience. The skills that you need to keep your audience engaged is to be exciting, be inclusive, be thought provoking, use your tone of voice and delivery to excite people and occasionally throw in some humor to keep viewers entertained.

Be a Great Self Promoter to Find Success

Becoming successful on YouTube is more than about creating a great video, that is the key to your success but simply doing so will not gain you viewers, you need to put yourself out there. Such is the ease of uploading a video to YouTube there is incredibly fierce competition for viewers and you need to use the reach of the internet to display work to the World. Utilize social media to show off your work and attract viewers and try to make friends in high places who can share your videos and encourage people to watch you.

Keep The Audience Coming

Just because you made one great video which saw healthy viewing levels, does not necessarily mean that your audience will keep coming back to check in on you. It is vital that if you find some success that you keep the videos coming on a regular basis and to the same standard. People’s attention span when they are on the internet is incredibly short because of the sheer amount of options they have and that goes for video viewing too, in order to keep them inspired and interested you need to be creative and consistent in your approach. There is great disparity to the amount of viewers and subscribers that channels have and if you want to really gain a large following then you need to do all that you can to keep the audience coming back.

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