How Tatiana Regan Helps Out Others

posted by Chris Valentine

Helps Out Others

Something which I have always admired about my good friend Tatiana Regan is her empathy and her willingness to help others. She has been like this for as long as I have known her, always willing to lend a hand or offer advice to someone, regardless of what she is doing. In her adult life Tatiana Regan really dedicates herself to helping others and given that her career is as a lawyer, I have no idea how she finds the time. I have been greatly inspired to do more by Tatiana Regan, simply because of the way in which she still finds time to help others despite a busy and hectic schedule. Here is how she goes about helping others, perhaps it may inspire you too.

Always Two Percent

Since Tatiana very first began to make money she has depicted 2% of her salary to charitable causes, each year she will select a different charity who will take the 2%. This is a remarkable gesture which I have never seen someone do before and it is a testament of just how caring and compassionate Tatiana really is. When she was a teenager this 2% wouldn’t amount to much but with her current salary, she will be doing a great deal of good thanks to her donations.


Tatiana Regan officially has 2 days off per week, given the nature of the job however this usually means that she actually only gets 1 day off per week, on a Wednesday. And so instead of spending this only day off that she has getting things done, she volunteers in a local charity shop for 4 hours. It is not only amazing that Tatiana finds the time to do this, it is also amazing that she has the energy or the empathy to do it when there are things going on in her own life.

Working Extra

Tatiana generally works very long days and that of course takes her away from her home life, most people would be chomping at the bit to get home after such a day. Tatiana is not like this however and she is always willing to stay back and help others in her job. I was talking with one of her assistants a while back who was amazed that Tatiana would freely give up so much time to help someone else.


Whilst it may not take up a huge amount of her time something else which Tatiana Regan often does is be incredibly active on social media, sharing local projects and causes which are close to her heart. She often does administrative roles on these groups as well, which shows her willingness to take on responsibility for the good of others. It is incredible that she does this and there are many people who really count on her to make a difference.

Tatiana is a very inspirational woman and someone who has reminded me just how important it is to help others.

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