How To Be Single: Recovery After Break Up

posted by Chris Valentine

Feeling depressed and miserable after breaking up is totally fine. A lot of people have been through the same heartbreaking experience. And not everyone could find the right way to deal with being rejected and disappointed.

Being single after a long relationship is quite challenging. You should not only create a new routine, but you also need to overcome emotional withdrawal and learn how to love your new single status.

If you feel down and lost at the moment, remember that you are not alone. According to the latest statistics, there are approximately 109 million single people in the United States. Some of them are actively seeking new partners; while others just enjoy their single careless lives. It’s up to you what team to choose. Meanwhile, let’s see what can help you recover after a break up:

Understand what happens

You can feel sad after a break up even if you were the one who initiated it. The feeling of love, along with regular sex, triggers a rush of oxytocin and dopamine in your brain. So, once you break up and stop seeing your partner, you might experience something called emotional withdrawal. This, in turn, leads to feelings of anger, sadness, and loss.

Some psychologists say that withdrawal symptoms after a break-up can be identical to a heroin addict who goes cold turkey. So, you shouldn’t be surprised to see changes in your appetite and sleep. Also, your immune system can get weaker while your blood pressure and cortisol levels skyrocket. No one said that breaking up is easy.

According to experts, it can take up to six months to recover after a break-up. If you feel depressed after the first six months, consider going to a professional psychologist.

Improve your sex life

Why not making yourself happy by going to a sex toy shop? Keep in mind that being single doesn’t imply a complete deprivation of sex.

There is no need to start a new relationship in order to have regular sex. You can get yourself a few sex toys and explore your sexuality on your own.

If you accept the idea of the one-night stand, you can also ‘go hunting’. All you need is to explain to yourself that it’s just sex and nothing more. However, looking for a substitute is not what you should be doing right after a break-up.

Stay active

Physical activity can also help you to trigger a release of happy hormones and provide you with emotional lift. So, make a gym session a part of your daily routine.

Also, going back to the market is so much easier when you are in your best shape. Yes, your relationship didn’t work out, but it doesn’t mean you should stop caring about yourself. Single people have more time for themselves, so make sure to use it to your benefit.

Be social

The fact that you are single doesn’t mean you are lonely. On the contrary, you have all the time in the world now, so make sure to dedicate it to your friends and family members.

At some point, you can also start casual dating in order to see that there are still a lot of options.

Define goals

It’s time to focus on yourself and your goals. Make a list of things you want to accomplish this month. All you need to know is that you finally have an opportunity to become a better version of yourself.

Trying to find another partner or checking out your ex’s social media will not make you feel better.

Only setting up new goals and achieving things will make you truly happy. Come on, it’s time for a post-breakup revolution!

Create a routine

Most people feel emptiness after breaking up. Do you feel the same? No wonder. You used to spend a lot of time with your ex-partner, and of course, now something is missing. That’s why you need to create a new routine for yourself. For instance, every Saturday night, you used to watch your favourite show with your ex. Now you need to create a new tradition. Instead of spending your time in front of your TV, consider going to the gym or meeting up with your friends.

The bottom line

You might feel miserable and unmotivated right now. A lot of people have been through the same stage after breaking up with their loved ones. If you want to recover and enjoy your new status, be aware of what’s happening with you and why. You need to do everything that can help you release happy hormones and make you feel better. Also, define your goals for the near future and use your drama in your favour! One day, you will realise that being single and happy at the same time is easy!

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