Travis Cadman – Benefits of Renovating Your Garden

posted by Chris Valentine

Renovating Your Garden

Since I moved to Alberta, Canada from the USA I have learned to appreciate the sunshine so much more and whilst the winters are cold here, the summers are simply glorious. Something which I had in my mind since moving here was to renovate the garden but there was just too much needed to be done in the house before I started there. After having a chat with my neighbor Travis Cadman who is a professional gardener, I decided to visit a local lender and borrow some money for a budget garden renovation. I am absolutely enamored with the result and here are some of the benefits which you’ll get when you give your garden a makeover.

Friends and Family

I used to hate it when I couldn’t invite friends and family over for summer drinks and the reason being was that I was just very ashamed of how are garden looked. This summer however I have invited everyone I know over to take a look at the work, and I may or may not have become something of a fraud and told them I did it myself! It is so nice to be able to invite people over for social occasions in the back garden and this alone is worth every penny.


Ever since the garden has been completed the kids have spent almost every waking hour out there and it does make me feel slightly bad that they weren’t able to do this in the past. Nonetheless it is clear that kids just love being outside playing in the fresh air and thanks to the garden renovation they can now do that freely and I love to watch them out there playing.

Added Value

When people search for homes one of the things at the top of their list is a renovated garden and that means that through investing in the garden area you can actually add value to the home. I estimate that at least 60% of the money which I poured into the garden will have been added on to the home after the work was complete, making it a sound financial investment too. This is something which you should always be mindful of when you are investing in your property because there are certain aspects of the house which you can add value to if you do things right.


Our house is pretty small and so I used to find it quite hard to find a quiet corner where I could sit and relax with my morning coffee or read a book on the afternoon. Since the garden has been renovated however I am able to enjoy this quiet little corner of nature to sit and relax, listen to the birds and take a little break from life for a while.

If your garden needs some work doing on it then I would wholeheartedly recommend that you bite the bullet and get it done.

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