Why You Should Consider Hiring a Professional Lawn Care Service?

posted by Chris Valentine

Research by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics show that Americans are critically obsessed with lawns and gardening. Statistics further indicate that an average American spends about 70 hours in a year caring for lawns and gardens in the backyard. There are various critical lawn care activities that most Americans practice which include mowing the grass, application of fertilizer, and weed control practices. These time-consuming activities are often undertaken during spring and the entire summer season.

The demand for lawn care and gardening services has led to the establishment of various lawn care companies which deliver their services with a professional touch and guarantee for quality. Currently, there are hundreds of lawn care service-providing companies in the country; Americans can now enjoy the convenience of hiring their services. As compared to doing lawn care on your own, hiring a professional lawn care service provider offers you huge benefits as hereby outlined.

1. Receive professional services with expertise

Professional lawn care companies work with experts and workers who have special training on the practice. Working with such a company, therefore, allows you to enjoy expert services. This gives you the surety that your lawn will have an aesthetic and appealing look. These put special emphasis on various aspects when undertaking lawn care practices on your compound.

Firstly, an emphasis is put on cutting the grass to the desired height. Such height is normally dependent on several factors including the season in which the lawn care services are being rendered. Generally, spring and summer should prompt the grass to be cut to the shortest possible length due to the presence of elements such as water and sunshine which guarantee a faster regrowth.

Additional factors that may influence the grass cutting height include the potential presence of rodents in your area. This prompts the company to ensure that the grass is cut to the shortest length in order to control harboring and breeding grounds for rodents and other pests. The lawn care company also put into consideration your particular needs in terms of what you need your lawn to look like. The service provider also takes into consideration the various lawn care trends that are in the market at a particular time. Such expertise can only be enjoyed when working with a reputable and experienced company.

2. Saving on time

The process of achieving comprehensive lawn care can be time-consuming. In most cases, if you target do-it-yourself practices for your lawn, you will need to spend so much time preparing and cutting the grass. Basically, a lot of time is spent on various aspects of preparation, grass-cutting, and after-service care.

Firstly, you will need to spend time researching, perhaps from the internet, on various lawn care practices and how to implement them in your compound. This includes aspects such as the various grass-cutting designs, the appropriate height to which you need to cut the grass, the right tools to use, the right time to cut the grass as well as the after-cutting care practices.

After researching, you will then need to prepare your lawn cutting implements. Among such tools that may be necessary include the actual lawn mowing machine. Such a machine should be in good working condition, properly serviced, and well inspected. Particular features of the machine should be taken care of to ensure that the desired lawn care result is achieved. For example, you will need to adjust the lawn cutting height to ensure that you don’t scour the grass to the roots. The mower’s cutting blades should also be property sharpened and adjusted for optimal cutting strength.

Even with all those steps of preparation, you still need to go a notch higher and obtain the right personal protective equipment (PPE) necessary to ensure that you don’t suffer a catastrophic accident. Such protective equipment that you should pay particular attention to include hand gloves, goggles, earmuffs, and a special overall suit. Lastly, you may need to allocate much time doing thorough research on how to go about the actual grass cutting process.

Such and more preparatory measures will need your attention to achieve the right results. On average, the do-it-yourself lawn care practice may need you to allocate as much as 24 hours of practice and preparation. Working with a professional lawn care company to do such work saves you so much time that may go on to other aspects of your productive day to day schedules.

3. Subsidization of costs

The cost of achieving a seamless and excellent lawn care can escalate if not well checked. On average, lawn care demands expenditure on various aspects including the purchase of implements and tools necessary for the work, servicing of the lawn mowing machines, purchase of lawn care chemicals and fertilizers, acquisition of the right sets of personal protective equipment, and vacuuming of the after-cut grass to keep the lawn tidy.

Professional lawn care service companies have a way of ensuring that such costs do not escalate. The companies charge a one-off fee which is then subsidized to meet all needs. On the contrary, do-it-yourself practices may demand that you purchase some of these implements every time you need to mow your lawn. Most of the purchased items even get lost or damaged inside your garage, thereby leading to further loss.

Working with professional companies allows you to bring down, as much as possible, the cost associated with achieving efficient and seamless lawn care. The companies work towards subsidizing the costs associated. Besides, you even get an opportunity to negotiate for a fair charge before hiring the services. You may even get some additional discounts on coupons and referrals for their services. In these relatively harsh economic times, the costs saved in that regard can be channeled into other aspects of your day-to-day household needs.

4. Control of risk and liability

Professional lawn care service providing companies allow you to cut down as much as possible the risks and liabilities associated with achieving good lawn care. The risk and liabilities associated with cutting your grass can be so tremendous and uncontrollable. The risk to personal injury or even damaging your entire lawn grass is not worth taking. For example, do-it-yourself lawn care practices may have you apply the wrong fertilizer, herbicides, and pesticides to your lawn, thereby killing the entire grass and thus causing hundreds of dollars’ worth of damage.

Such risk can be mitigated and even avoided altogether by working with professional lawn care contractor companies. Most lawn care companies mitigate the risks by working with well-trained professionals as well as being properly insured. Shawn Jackson from Abralawn.com says that when searching for the best professional lawn care service, you should look for one that is licensed and insured. Insurance, in this regard, is crucial when it comes to controlling the costs and potential loss that may be suffered in the process of cutting grass.

Such insurance, for example, comes in handy in helping control the costs that may be incurred as a result of accidental injuries. Depending on the insurance coverage that the lawn care company has secured, you may end up enjoying various other benefits. For example, if the company ends up damaging your lawn accidentally, or fails to meet the desired expectation, the insurance company may compensate you.

Further losses that can be insured in the process of professional lawn care include situations where damages are sustained. For instance, if the company’s workers end up damaging any other aspect of your house such as breaking windows accidentally, then you stand to be compensated by the insurance company. This level of insurance coverage comes in handy and is never enjoyed when you implement the do-it-yourself alternative.

Besides, working with unlicensed lawn care companies exposes you to tremendous risks. Various state laws have different stipulations; some of which demand that you should compensate uninsured persons who get injured while working in your backyard. Therefore, confirming the professional lawn care company’s insurance coverage is crucial so that you do not have to incur any costs associated with the liabilities and losses suffered in the process.

5. Consistency in lawn care practices

Consistency is particularly crucial when it comes to caring for your lawns. Such consistency is normally severely affected in cases where you target working on your lawns on your own. Firstly you may lack sufficient time to cut and trim your lawn on time. Sometimes, you may not be available or able to cut your grass when the need arises, thereby exposing you to additional risks of infestation of your lawn and compound by pests and rodents. Such unmaintained lawn may also be so uninviting and generally make your home appear untidy.

In most cases, lawn care companies ensure consistency in various aspects including the timing of cutting of the grass to ensure that it coincides with the right season. Hiring a professional lawn care company for a contracted duration of time ensures that the company can deliver its services at the right time. Also, consistency is enforced when it comes to the height at which the grass is cut to ensure proper and aesthetic appearance not only in the lawn but also in the entire compound.

This consistency is crucial if your lawn is to appear seamlessly appealing and aesthetic. Consistency in the height of cutting the grass ensures that the lawn regrowth process is uniform. Applying fertilizer and manure effectively also ensures that the grass grows healthily. Consistency in the type of fertilizer applied is crucial if you have to achieve the desired look in your compound. Different lawn grasses, for instance, require different fertilizers. Consistently applying the right fertilizer using the right measures and at the right time allows you to achieve a flawless lawn grass appearance.

Lack of consistency may therefore affect various aspects of the lawn grass. Do-it-yourself processes cannot achieve the consistency of care that you may need in your home.

6. Increasing the value of your home

Professional lawn care services come in handy in helping increase the value of your home. A well-cared-for lawn in the house is an added advantage that may be used as a marketing tool to help increase the prospects of successfully selling the home when the need arises. Homes with lawns that are well kept are generally easier and faster to sell as compared to those which do not. A well-trimmed lawn and backyard makes the home look aesthetically appealing and exceptional in the market.

7. Receiving professional advisory on lawn care and use

Lastly, working with professional lawn care companies allow you to enjoy additional benefits on crucial elements in terms of using and caring for your lawn. The companies are not only focused on providing a one-time lawn care service but also ensuring that they go an extra mile to give you tips on how to care for your lawn. Besides the cutting of grass and application of fertilizer that the company may do when contracted, day-to-day lawn caring practices come in handy in helping maintain the aesthetic look in your home.

Such tips that you may receive from the professional lawn care company include practices such as when and how to water your lawn and the importance of additional practices such as weeding and collecting trash, twigs, and leaves from your lawn. These tips come in handy in helping ensure that the lawn grass thrives.

Lawn care is a crucial element in caring for your home and compound in general. A well-kept lawn ensures that your house looks appealing. Achieving such flawless lawn care may, however, be a daunting task that you may not be able to achieve on your own. You may, therefore, need to hire the services of a professional lawn care company to benefit from the expertise and cost-effective professional lawn care services offered.

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