15 Ways to Make Your Backyard Go From Boring to Enchanting

posted by Chris Valentine

Are you ready to give your boring backyard a facelift? Your backyard is an extension of your home, a living space, and it should reflect your family. You can make your backyard go from boring to enchanting with one or several projects.

15 Ways to Add Enchantment to Your Backyard

  1. Mix Your Plants

Don’t feel limited by flowers. Try adding vegetables and herbs with your flower garden. Herbs make beautiful edging plants. For example, mint likes to sprawl out and grow, as the lovely scent drifts through the air. You can take cuts for your tea or desserts.

  1. Use Succulents

Succulent plants are all the rage right now. People who want low-maintenance gardening with little water necessary may prefer succulents. They can go weeks without water, and they grow well in containers or in dedicated garden beds.

  1. Make a Coffee Spot

Do you love to go outside and enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning? Find a spot in your backyard that you can tuck away a nice, comfortable seat. Make a path leading to this area. Add some outdoor pillows and a small table where you can set your coffee and planner. What a great way to start the day!

  1. Add Shade

If your backyard lacks shade, you need to add a few sources of shade yourself. The classic choice is a table umbrella, but you do have other options. Another pick is shade canopies that are prefabricated, modular systems or elaborate structures built off your home’s exterior walls.

  1. Don’t Forget the Fire Pit

Gathering around the fire pit at night is where memories are made. That might be roasting marshmallows with your kids, or having a drink with friends. It creates a nighttime focal point, but do make sure its safe with tall sides. You don’t want it near other structures or right on the ground where a child could walk.

  1. Add Arbors for Curves

Is there anything more enchanting than walking down an arbor and flower-lined path? You don’t know what lays at the end of the path, but the journey there is beautiful. Adding curves keeps them guessing about what’s ahead, and it doesn’t take much space to create that.

  1. Hang Lanterns

To continue with the enchanting theme, hang lanterns in trees and along paths. The lights will help guests make it safely to the patio, but it also adds beauty and excitement. Solar lanterns don’t need to be connected to any outlets!

  1. Add an Outdoor Kitchen

If you love to host parties and cookouts at your house, you need an outdoor kitchen area. The prepping area can double as a spot for friends to sit on stools with drinks. That’s where you want to put your grill and an outdoor refrigerator.

  1. Create a Stone Water Piece

Using stone creates a rustic, unique look that makes you feel as if it’s been there forever. While you can use stones for your walkway or as a wall, using stones to make a stone water channel or pond adds character. Add some water plants around the water channel for a natural look that hides channel a bit.

  1. Use Climbing Vines

Do you have a fence? It needs a few climbing vines going up it or over an arch leading to a different part of your garden. Climbing vines give the appearance that the garden has been there for ages, like an English cottage garden.

  1. Add Pops of Color

Don’t be afraid of color. Color is your friend! Place some colorful pillows on the bench, or lay a bright patterned rug on the patio near the seating so that your friends can take off their shoes comfortably. Hang colored curtains around your patio for some privacy.

  1. Glass-Encased Sheds

All glass sheds or potting sheds are beautiful! Some make these sheds a separate seating area with hanging lights and a small bar. Do what works best for you. If you garden a lot, a glass-encased potting shed will add beauty and function to your backyard.

  1. Vertical Container Gardening

You have space to go vertical, even if your backyard is small. Grab a few potting towers that give platforms for several containers. Turn an unused pallet into a pot hanger. You can bring it close to your home and grow kitchen herbs for your cooking. Herbs grow great in containers!

  1. Ground Cover Perennials

What’s more romantic than a pathway with flowers growing between the pavers? It makes you feel as if it’s been there for ages. Lay the pavers on your pathways away from each other, and plant ground cover perennials between them. Thyme is one great choice.

  1. Bring the Wildlife

Put one some bird feeders or bird baths throughout your garden. There is something so lovely about birds chirping and dancing throughout your backyard. If you have kids, birdwatching is a family activity most kids enjoy.

Any yard can be a work of art, and any backyard can turn into an enchanting place to spend time with loved ones. All it takes is a vision and some creativity.

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