Creative Ways To Get Married During The Coronavirus Pandemic

posted by Chris Valentine

The Covid-19 pandemic has led over 95% of couples to postpone their weddings to next year, CNBC reports. Even as businesses across the U.S. begin to reopen, social distancing guidelines and bans on international travel and large gatherings are causing couples to put their plans on hold. However, if you still want to get married during the pandemic, you certainly can. All it takes is a positive attitude and a little creative thinking.

Go low key

Many couples are choosing to postpone their weddings to later this summer or fall due to the pandemic. If your courthouse and vendors can’t provide the services you need, consider pushing the date back. However, if you’re determined to stick to your originally planned date, you can do so by organizing a casual yet meaningful ceremony — perhaps an intimate event in your own home or backyard. Abide by your state’s gathering limit and social distancing guidelines. Once the courthouse is open for business, you can then secure a marriage license and make it legal.

Wedding parade

Your guest list may be too big for your venue, but it’s possible to still include everyone in your special day. If indoor gatherings are limited to 10 or fewer people, invite just who you can to your ceremony. You could then include the rest of your desired guest list by planning a “wedding parade” for after the ceremony. Drive past the homes of your local friends and family; they can wave or greet you in their driveways. Alternatively, your wedding guests could wait outside your venue in their cars during the ceremony. Once you exit, they can join in the celebration by cheering, honking car horns and waving signs.

Livestream the ceremony

If your heart’s set on a wedding with close friends and relatives in attendance but not everyone can make it, consider livestreaming your ceremony. With video conferencing software like Skype or Zoom, this is an option many couples are now taking. Many churches even have livestreaming capabilities, but they may charge a fee. It’s essential you check your venue or location has a strong and reliable internet connection beforehand. If you have a videographer, you may want them to manage and record the livestream, so you have a permanent copy.

Covid-19 has thrown many marriage plans up in the air. While your wedding day may not be exactly what you initially had in mind, it’s still possible to have a lovely, meaningful ceremony, despite the current situation.

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