Five qualities of the perfect videographer for your wedding

posted by Chris Valentine

Many people think perfection is impossible, but for the same number of people, perfection comes at least once in a lifetime, and that moment is during your wedding. In this instance, the dress must be perfect. The tuxedo must be perfect. So, too, must the cake, the venue, and the decorations are perfect because many years later, in retrospect, whether its the first, fifth, or fiftieth anniversary, the memories will still be there: precise, precious, and perfect. To capture this moment, you will need, of course, the perfect videographer.

1. Portfolio

Anyone searching for a quality videographer will likely do so via the internet, and the only way to determine if the person has talent is to review his or her online portfolio. The portfolio should represent a variety of different types of productions, including weddings.

In terms of the quality, you should determine if you like the styles represented in the online gallery and if these styles would match the upcoming components of your wedding. For instance, you can easily determine if the photographs or videos displayed on the site show a consistent style. Monochrome video, for instance, is a common style, and you should review this type of style as well as others to see if they follow an attractive palette. If not, you could wind up with photos and videos that look good by themselves but might have a displeasing contrast if hung together on a wall or played on a large-screen television.

Additionally, you should look at the portraits, if any are included, and group video. This, of course, is critical because portrait photography and group videography are primary elements in weddings. In terms of the video, it should be composed, balanced, and artfully captured. If you do not see any styles that you think would fit your upcoming wedding, do not despair as the next item on your checklist–flexibility–just might take care of your needs.

2. Flexibility

Many videographers have the talent to shoot just about any project in just about any style. However, they often only get certain requests from their clients. Consequently, if a style is not in a videographer’s portfolio, you should ask him or her about the viability of capturing the vision you have in your mind. Additionally, because the videographer will be able to draw on a vast well of experience, he or she should have suggestions to make your vision a reality or improve upon it. In short, the initial consultation should be a flexible conversation with the goal and the input of both parties be toward achieving the vision as described by either the bride or the groom.

3. Personable

Online portfolios show technical talent. Online reviews convey the personal experience of working with such talent. Talented videographers can be late, rude, or imposing. They can be loud, demanding, or disorganized. Previous customers will provide a very accurate picture of what your videographer is like, and you should look for the following traits.

– punctual

– understanding

– calm

– professional

In short, your videographer should be personable, someone you are able to work with, talk to, and enjoy on what will be your perfect afternoon.

4. Equipment

As with any profession, a videographer will be as good as his or her equipment. For instance, you should look for a videographer who has 60 frame-per-minute recording capability as this rate will result in sharper, more real footage. Additionally, his or her ability to accurately capture audio is critical to capturing the joy of the moments, the gasps, and the tears. Finally, the video-mixing software should be able to provide footage in a variety of formats, such as standard video, 360-degree video, and virtual reality. The technological time has arrived that you can actually re-live your moment. All you need is a pair of VR goggles. Because this opportunity is near priceless, your videographer must be able to offer immersive footage.

5. Story

Taking pictures is one thing. Shooting video that tells a story is something quite different. Although normal videographers can shoot quality videos, you should look for a production company, such as Goliath Video Production Brisbane, that can produce an emotional, cinematic narrative capable of sweeping you along on the threads of love, truth, and fidelity. A simpler story, of course, is the timeline narrative, which might recount the various moments that led to your wedding. Whatever story that best captures your tastes, your videographer should be versed in the elements of the story. Without this capability, the videographer will simply be providing random pieces of footage. As pretty as they are, they will be missing an emotional aspect of what is destined to be your perfect day.

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