The evolution of dating

posted by Chris Valentine
The evolution of dating has transformed the ways we find love in the 21st century

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The world has changed over the years, and technology has played a big role into it, you only need to read a Hily review to see this for yourself. This can definitely be applied to the world of dating which has seen a constant evolution from the traditional methods to its overwhelming online presence. Indeed dating now feels more convenient, and meeting new people is easier than ever before, but are we loosing sense of what things where before? Is romance subsiding towards an online numbers game? Let’s take a look at what the internet brings on the table, and whether it actually helps us or hinders our search for a partner.

Different dating specialities

The first thing to look at is how much dating has diversified over the past few years. Whilst traditional dating has definitely taken a boost, it is the flourishing of different dating niches which has really changed the dating landscape as we once knew it. Whilst it is true that even in the past you could join private clubs if you were looking for some naughty fun, those clubs where often hard to join and expensive; with a very small member base. Fast forwards a few years and you can now find many different casual dating websites. Whether you want to contact girls looking for sex or you just want to have fun with another couple; there are so many places to choose from that it will boggle your mind. Basically, you just need to know what you’re into and you will find a website for it.

People are changing

It is not just technology, but also the way people are changing which influences modern dating. Whilst the past saw an emphasis on family life, high divorce rates have shown us that it does not always work. Some people have realised that family life isn’t for them, and society is less judgemental when it comes to progressive attitudes towards sex. So what we are saying here is that it is not just the methods of dating, but also attitudes towards it. When people just want to have sex, they don’t need to go clubbing or in bars to make it happen; instead they can just contact like-minded naughty adventurers using their computer from the comfort of their own homes. This is a huge game changer.

What’s next?

With things changing at such rapid pace, who knows what comes next. Most of us walk around with devices which can connect us to just about anyone in the world, so we don’t even need to be anywhere specific to have access to online dating. Things are so easy now, and we can get what we want when and where we want it, but is this a good thing? Are things too easy and are we losing a bit of our humanity to progress? The truth is that technology cannot do everything for us, and ultimately the human aspect is still necessary to be able to date successfully. Maybe we will see a return to more traditional methods in the future, but it has to be said: those are expensive and time consuming; two aspects which drove us to online dating in the first place. But whatever happens, you can be sure that evolution of dating will continue; we can’t wait to see the next big thing, who knows what it will be?

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