5 Reasons Why People Live in Vegas

posted by Chris Valentine

Some people will give you a raised eyebrow, or two, if you ever told them about considering Vegas as a viable moving option, mostly because the city has been at the center of many Hollywood films, urban myths and gossip stories, each adding a layer of fake expectations about what it really is like when you move all the glam away. But the fact remains that Vegas stays steadily populated and there are many people, especially in their 30s, who consider it as their best option for moving.

But what makes them want to move, really? Surely, it’s not only because of the chance to stop browsing through http://www.casinoappkings.com to get their daily fix of slots, or to have the nightlife scene within a cab drive away? There must be something more to it, right? Well, there is. In fact, the entertainment is only a small piece of the benefits puzzle that is living in Las Vegas.

People live in Vegas for more than the entertainment...

5. The Entertainment

Of course, you can’t really talk about moving to the city without mentioning the entertainment options. And by entertainment we don’t just mean casinos. Las Vegas is not just this never-ending strip of casino halls, but has so much more to offer to anyone who knows where to look. You can find pools, golfing fields, nightclubs, bars, magician shows, and cirques, but also a never-ending supply of some of the best bands and singers in the US, all coming back to perform at least once a year. So, even if you had the most tedious day imaginable, you can’t really complain because there’s always somewhere to go and have some fun. And the best thing about it is that all the entertainment is concentrated within the central area, so you can have your quiet afternoon in the suburbs and hit the town whenever you need some thrills.

4. The Climate

If you thought that Vegas is like the Death Valley – a dry piece of land where the scorching sun is likely to either melt you off or incinerate you completely – think again. Vegas may be hot, at times, but it actually doesn’t have that bad of a climate because, apart from the summer, the temperatures are fairly mild all year round.

And even when the climate reaches maximum heat during the summer, the humidity is not very high, meaning that you won’t have that much trouble breathing as you would in other places. The Vegas sun is one of the highest selling points for moving to the city as a lot of people love to have the sun shining down on them every day.

3. Business Opportunities

Did you know that Vegas is among the top US cities for startups? Now you do. The Sin City started attracting tech startups several years ago after word of its business opportunities got out in the media. One massive example of this attraction is the Downtown Project, which is a $350 million investment into the Las Vegas downtown, $50 million of which are going to startups.

And tech aside, the city also attracts numerous small business owners to open office and shops in Vegas, where the chances of success are higher than in other popular cities in the US, but also young people in their 20s or 30s who come for the ever-expanding job opportunities.

2. Decent Rent Prices

With such a reputation behind it, you would expect for Vegas to be the breeding ground for luxury condos and overpriced rentals that’ll appeal to the masses of high-rollers swarming the city in search of over-the-top experiences. But on the contrary, when you move away from all the glitz and glamour of the central area you can find some of the fairest rental prices, especially for a city full of expensive resorts. A decent 3 bedroom apartment could cost you somewhere between $700-900, while a real nice one would be somewhere above the $1,300 mark. Just compare that to other famous cities and you’ll understand the appeal.

1. The Mentality

And finally, if you had to choose a place to live in, would you choose a place with nosy neighbors or small-minded colleagues that you’ll never really connect with, or would you go for something entirely different? A lot of people choose Vegas for their home because the people there are so open-minded that it’s really hard to surprise anyone at all. Combine this with the cultural diversity that comes from a population made up from every corner of the States, and you’ll end up with one of the most relaxed cities on the planet. Sound great, right?

The bottom line is that Vegas is a great city to live in, but it’s not for everyone – something that can be said for every other corner of the Earth. The final decision is up to you, of course, but you can’t argue that moving there doesn’t sound attractive at all.

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