8 timeless party additions to excite and entertain

posted by Chris Valentine
There are many timeless party additions that will make gatherings such as this amazing

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Throwing a party is tough. There is a lot of things for you take take into consideration and a lot to plan. Not to mention the nail-biting anxiety that comes from thinking that no one is going to show up… Nowadays, no longer is it enough to get a bunch of booze and some music and chuck a few people together – you need to make sure you capture that certain special something for your party, and that you really focus on making it fun.

The clincher – the difference between a mediocre party and a great one – is making sure that you place a certain special emphasis on the details. If you manage to get the details right, you’ll have all the ingredients of a great time. We’re talking about personalised table places, special cocktails for your event and fun games to play, all set against a backdrop of bespoke and boutique decorations.

Sound exhausting? It doesn’t have to be. Thanks to the internet, you no longer need to go it alone when you’re planning a party. The Party Starters, a photo booth hire company in Sydney share their expert tips on throwing the perfect bash in the hopes that you can be remembered long after the final bottle of champagne is drunk and the final notes die on the stereo.


The tunes need to be cranking and they need to match the mood. A great way to do this is to ensure that you have a DJ to play the tunes – or even better, a band. Making sure that you have a range of music to match the mood of the party will ensure that you can follow the peaks and troughs as they occur, and then when it’s time to hit the dance floor everyone will know about it!


You can’t forgo the food and think that everything will be ok with your party! Far from it. You need to make sure that you have plenty of nosh available for your guests throughout the evening. If you don’t have enough food, you risk people getting too drunk too quickly or having to leave to satiate their bellies.


A great option for your party to give it that special something is to hire a photobooth for your event. Yes, of course we would say that given that The Party Starters are a photobooth company – but then, have you ever been to a party with a photobooth and NOT had a good time? We didn’t think so… As timeless party additions go, think of a photobooth as an investment in the success of your party and a great way to provide a memorable option for your guests to hold on to.


If you have a really special occasion to remember, perhaps you would consider hiring a photographer to capture your special day? While you could consider just handing your guests a bunch of disposable cameras and setting them loose, the results could be questionable. Far better to leave these things in the hands of a professional to ensure you get the results you want!


Go with a good old fashioned lolly bag or opt for something else a bit more grown up – no matter what you choose, your guests will love the extra thought and attention that went into making their time with you extra fun.


If you’re throwing a party with a 20s theme, why not pull out all the stops and consider hiring a dancing troupe to entertain your guests? The only limit is your budget, really!

More food??

When you’ve spent all night drinking, dancing and carousing, it’s important that you get a bit of sustenance to ease the blow of the hangover the next day. Provide this for your guests and they’ll never forget you.

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