How to Host the Best Garden Party

posted by Chris Valentine

The summer may be over and the weather may be looking rather gloomy but that doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying your garden. To combat the rainy September days, plan a garden party and have all your friends round. Hosting the best garden party may sound like a daunting task but realistically there are only a few aspects that you need to organise. Here are a few tips:


Get the Garden Ready

We may not all have acres and acres to decorate but the most important thing for your garden party is that the garden is tidy, the lights are up and the grass is mown. Putting fairy lights through the trees adds both light and a little glamour to what may be a cold September night. Make sure your garden is primed and ready to be viewed by your neighbours, friends and family. Give the flowers a water, put some candles out and tidy away the lawn mower.

Get the Snacks Ready

Unless you are serving up a three course meal, the best thing for a garden party is to have little snacks that your guests can nibble on throughout the night. Crisps, cocktail sausages, cakes, sandwiches and other smaller food items are perfect. If you are adventurous you can try nachos with salsa but make sure you remember there may be a few spills. You don’t want Donald from next door to be spending the whole night with salsa on his nice white shirt. Make sure that there are napkins at the ready for any spillages.

No Empty Cups

To avoid any major clean ups the next day, it could be worthwhile investing in some plastic cups. We all know that the crystal glasses look spectacular and elegant but they don’t always look that way after a party in the garden. Plastic cups are cheap, cheerful and easy to clean away if they are dropped on the floor.

Whilst plastic cups are key, it is the drinks themselves that are really important. No matter whether you decide to stock up on the alcohol or stick to the tonic water, your party will be a success as long as the drinks keep flowing. No empty glasses, no dry mouths and a whole lot of happy guests.

Put the Party Playlist on

If you really want your garden to host the best party in a long while then make sure that you have the perfect playlist on. Don’t stand by and listen to the tunes repeat, you can easily get a mix of different music together to play in the background all night long. (if you are really struggling you can always ask the kids to help with this)

The Perfect Seating Area

Every gathering needs to have comfy seats to retire to once you have finished your dancing. You don’t want to be foraging around inside the house for odd chairs, stools and cushions for your guests to sit on. Have an area dedicated to sitting, maybe even by a fire and then you can have a little warmth to retreat to if the rain starts pouring.

Most importantly for any garden party is that the music is blaring, the guests are fed and the garden looks as perfect as can be. Outdoor Living are happy to provide any garden furniture, lights or water features that can truly set your garden apart from the rest.

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