Getting the Most Out of Your Partnership: Marriage Counseling

posted by Chris Valentine

Marriage counseling. On the surface, it may not seem like something you wouldn’t want to do with your spouse due to some perceived negative stereotypes.

However, more couples do it than you might think. In fact, 44% of couples go to pre-marriage counseling.

Does that work? The statistics indicate yes, as those who do so are 30% more likely to have a successful marriage.

So, the question for you is, do you think you need marriage counseling? Here are some reasons why it can help you.

Establish Good Communication

This is big for couples who have a difficult time communicating with each other. It can be various factors like yelling over each other, omitting information from one another, lying to each other, not talking about things that bother you, etc.

There are many reasons why you could have poor communication and you may not even realize that you are not communicating properly. Licensed therapists can help establish a positive line of communication and get you and your spouse to communicate more effectively.

Creating Trust

Another big issue for married couples is that sometimes, they lose trust in one another. Sometimes, one or both spouses in the couple may not even be aware of why there is a lack of trust.

Seeing a counselor can help air all of this out into the open and get to the bottom of where the lack of trust lies without getting into a big argument. Then, with a professional guiding this interaction, you can get a better understanding of how your spouse feels and what you can do to try and regain this trust.


Let’s face it, in the middle of an argument, you may be too emotional and stubborn to truly have an idea of how the other person is feeling. This is where a marriage counselor comes in because they can be a third party that remains unbiased and objective.

Most likely, if you are having marital problems, one or both of you is venting about some of your issues to a close friend or relative. In this case, you may not get the feedback that you need to hear because that person has a biased for or against you.

Sometimes, you need someone that can act as a mediator but also push you both in the right direction and guide you towards a stronger relationship.

Knowing if It Is Fixable

Finally, you might need to go to a marriage counselor to know if your marriage has any chance of being fixed. Most likely, certain issues brought you there and you may be too far gone to repair the damage.

However, seeing a truly neutral party that knows what they are doing and has seen plenty of other similar cases can give you the best idea of whether you can get back together and fix the damage that was caused.

Do Not Overlook Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling may be something that gets brushed off by some as waving the white flag but in reality, it should be treated as an encouraging sign of fixing issues that already existed. During these times, online marriage counseling is even a legitimate option if you are still not comfortable going to certain places.

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