Mastering the Use of Welcome Emails

posted by Chris Valentine

One of the most difficult things to do for a company in attracting new clients is making a great impression at the first point of contact. It is tricky because customers today are constantly being pitched and prodded to sample and partake in new products and services.

The sheer amount of these introductions and offers can make people reluctant at best and downright standoffish at worst, to introductions even if the company trying to say hello is one the customer might love and need.

What companies have to spend a good amount of time on is how to best introduce themselves. Because so many introductions to companies are made online, use of this channel has to be examined and perfected. Companies have to look at the online points of initial contact and learn strategies to get past initial objections and reluctance.

In terms of which online marketing channels on which a company should focus, emails are one of the most important. The great thing about emails is that they get directly to the customer and allow you to send the message you want to that person. But what is the right message? Here are some tips from Campaign Monitor on creating the perfect welcome email.

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