Top 5 reasons to relocate to Miami

posted by Chris Valentine
There are many reasons to relocate to Miami

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Value having an amazing lifestyle over making a ton of money? You don’t have to forsake being to do this, but moving to Miami will make your friends back home green with envy.

Adam Rosenfeld Merrill Lynch decided to make Miami his home because the quality of life there is second to none. After reading this article, we think that you will agree with him.

1) Cultural diversity

If you believe that variety is the spice of life, then your first month in Miami will be a delightful one. Known as the unofficial capital of Latin America, you’ll meet Hispanics from Cuba, Panama, Venezuela, Argentina and many other nations in Central and South America.

Haitians also have a vibrant community here, and you’ll find expats from Europe, Asia, and other places from around the globe who have come here not just to work, but to make the most of their lives outside of the office.

2) The weather (duh)

We didn’t lead off with this one as this quality is one that is rather obvious to the casual reader. However, it is one that simply can’t be ignored.

Boston logs an average daytime high of 35 degrees Fahrenheit in January, and there is an ever-present threat of Nor’easters during this time.

Meanwhile in Miami, the average high ranges between 76-80 degrees throughout the winter, and rainfall is at its lightest for the year throughout this season.

However, this city’s oppressive humidity is one drawback that many potential residents hear about. It is true that this place experiences this during the summer months, but it is nowhere near as bad as the heat indexes that you’ll find in places such as Atlanta and Jacksonville.

Miami’s climate is moderated by gentle sea breezes off the Atlantic, making even the hottest days somewhat bearable. Together with a well-maintained A/C unit, this negative aspect of South Florida’s weather is a tolerable annoyance.

3) One of the best nightlife scenes in the nation

As a place that is pleasant after dark all year round and attracts more than its share of attractive and wealthy people, it is no surprise that Miami has one of the best nightlife scenes in the United States.

Up and down South Beach, you can find clubs that stay open all night, have frontage on the beach, and create some of the most original cocktails that you’ve never heard about before.

While it can be touristy, this quality also gives the scene an atmosphere of fun that can be lacking in other major cities throughout the USA.

4) An unpretentious art scene

While Miami had not been previously known for being a culturally-attuned city in America, the influx of Latin American capital in recent decades has created an appetite for art.

As a result, the Pérez Art Museum came into being, becoming the centerpiece of Museum Park along with the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science.

Despite the growth of this scene, it is an inclusive one, as the lack of established players means that there is a lack of stuffiness that one normally finds in art destinations.

5) Some of the best beaches in America

While locals will tell you that only tourists go to the beach, don’t let that cliche stop you. In the city and on its outskirts, some of the finest beaches in the United States can be found.

Sand as white as talcum powder, palm trees swaying in the breeze, and blue green waters that never get cooler than 71 degrees Fahrenheit in the dead of winter all await you when you go the beach in the Miami area.

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