The Perfect Gift For Him

posted by Chris Valentine


In 2015, on Christmas day alone, it was reported that the UK general public spent £758 million pounds on online shopping which was up from the £650 million spent in 2014. It is therefore fair to say that people love splashing out on their loved ones at Christmas, even whilst the turkey is cooking.

One of the hardest gifts to find is for your husband, your brother or your dad. The men in your life that don’t ask for much but expect the perfect gift. Instead of spending hours online or scouring the stores wondering just what to get them, get inspired by these tips for finding the perfect gift.

The Games

A Christmas tradition seems to be to buy your husband, brother or dad something fun to play with. Whether it is a mini remote controlled drone or a simple football, finding a present that is fun to play with can provide you with hours of fun throughout the Christmas period.

Try something like a personalised board game, desk top shooting game or even a bubble gun. No matter what age the person is, these gifts are sure to get a laugh.

The Useful Tools

Finding the right gift might seem like hard work, but opting for something useful is a great option. Instead of purchasing a funny gift that he may only use once, gifts that are useful can last a lifetime. You can buy things like tool kits which can be used for thousands of DIY jobs around the house.

One great idea is a Work Bench from Bearing Boys. The range of benches created for DIY lovers, builders, carpenters and everyone else can provide a great space to work at. Instead of clearing a space in the garage to work at, or trying not to damage the kitchen worktops, your son, dad, uncle, brother or whoever else can work at a brand new work bench.

Boozy Presents

Most people love a little drink at Christmas time. A little sherry, some eggnog or mulled wine.

An easy option for buying a gift but sometimes one of the best. A nice bottle of wine, their favourite spirit or some local ale, whatever you choose. You can even get bottles with personalised labels to add your own message and picture to the gift. This makes it extra special for him to open on Christmas day.

It will most definitely be a great but slightly tipsy Christmas!

Funny Gifts

Funny gifts provide the laughs, the embarrassment and heaps of fun, but they might not last long. Whether it is pasta in rude shapes or toothpaste flavoured like bacon, the gifts can bring a lot of laughter to your house.

The only thing to remember when buying these gifts is that if they are annoying, it might be you they are annoying all year long with them. For example, if you buy them a machine which makes trump, burp or screaming noises, it might be you that is hearing them used every single day.

Whatever you decide to buy for him, let’s hope he put as much thought into your present as you have to his!

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