8 Tips on How to Go Green and Stay Fabulous

posted by Chris Valentine

Going green means pursuing knowledge, skills and practices that can lead to a conducive living environment. The practices develop a friendly environment responsible for healthy lifestyle both for the current and future generations through protecting the environment and sustaining its natural resources. To go green requires one to shed off some lifestyle habits which may come at a price. Nonetheless, here are eight ways you can go green and yet stay fantastic.

1. Go Local

Buying local is a great step towards going green especially when it comes to food products. Industrial farming is tearing apart the environment not only through releasing toxic chemicals but also through the methods used to transport the food before it reaches your table. Additionally, industrial farming tend to use large chunks of land that later become useless after a few years of usage due to excessive use of chemicals. Shopping at farmers’ grocery and local stores ensure you get fresh organic fruits, vegetables and meat. It gets you nutritious while keeping the environment safe. This should not only apply on food products but also through buying locally made items that will channel funds back into your community thus boosting homegrown industries with environmental friendly practices.

2. Buy Second Hand Items

In the market, there are tons of used things that you can buy and still serve you well. Purchasing them will not only save your pocket, but will also prevent manufacturers from producing new items. This implies that producers will avoid using additional resources to produce items and thus environment is not disturbed. Furthermore, you should choose biodegradable items such as using reusable carrier bags. If you are looking for one of these bags, contacting custom earth promotions may save the day as they have established their place in the market in providing reusable bags.

3. Check your Water Use

It is normally irritating to watch water running without being attended to. Given it is a finite resource, it is important to check how you use it. Make it your duty to educate your family members the importance of conserving water. This can be achieved through turning off taps when not in use, run full load laundries, let the water run after you have showered among others. Doing this will save large volume of water, hence preserve the resource for the current and future generations.

4. Carry your Water  Bottle

This is an important rule that every one needs to embrace. Remember to carry your water bottle whenever you are going for an outdoor event such as summer camping or mountain climbing. This help the environment a great deal since you avoid buying new plastic bottles by toting your reusable water bottle. Buying a durable stainless steel bottle is a good idea as it helps keep your water cold while avoiding environmental pollution. Carrying a water bottle is so easy but it can make a huge difference when it comes to environment conservation.

5. Live Healthy Life

To go green is not all about saving the environment, it is also about keeping ourselves happy and healthy. Given that our bodies strive to cope up with polluted air, water, bad sleep at night and many other conditions, installing simple protection devices such as air filters and implementing a healthy diet can make the whole difference towards a healthy lifestyle. Research has shown that avoiding meat atleast once in a week will boost your health as well as promote good environment as livestock sector is among the industries leading in greenhouse effect. It is tough but try going meatless for lunch or dinner.

6. Use Public Transportation

Ditching your personal car will reduce expenditure on fuel and reduce the amount of toxic emissions into the atmosphere. Adopting public transport system will also reduce amount of time wasted as you will be making necessary trips only. Furthermore, it will help reduce traffic jam and minimize noise pollution. It is a hard decision to make but making it your life routine can help preserve the environment.

7. Use Rechargeable Batteries

Billions of batteries are produced and sold every year. However, only a fraction is recycled and the rest end up in piles on the face of the earth. Purchasing reusable batteries will not only save on your expenditure, but will reduce the amount of carbon footprint which has been on the rise due to production of new batteries.

8. Plant Something

It does not matter whether it is a tree or a flower. Giving back to the nature has is a good idea. You can make it a family project or activity which will be passed on to the coming generations. This is something your family will love and cherish and it might end up being family’s earth day tradition!

Everyone should take part towards creating a friendly and conducive environment. One cannot turn a blind eye on the importance of maintaining the environment green. Although it may come at a price, it is important for both the current and generations to come. In summary, going green is achieved through cutting utility bills and curbing effects of global warming.

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