A Complete Insight into Heart Attack with its Treatment:

posted by Chris Valentine

If the smooth blood flow to the heart gets blocked due to any reason and the blood doesn’t reach the heart, it will cause a heart attack. The obstacles to block the passage of blood are usually precipitates of fat molecules or cholesterol. These elements build up a blockage in the pathway of blood that flows in the arteries.

The precipitates of fat molecules build up into a blood clot that results in interrupting blood flow and can even cause the heart muscle to suffer.

Heart attacks are dangerous and can cause the death of the individual. In older times, there was no treatment for heart attacks. But, thanks to the new technology, survival chances of individuals with heart attacks have increased considerably.

What are the symptoms of a heart attack?

Below, we are going to entail the symptoms of a heart attack. If you notice anyone having these symptoms, you can identify that he is having a heart attack.

– During a heart attack the patient experiences a feeling of tightness in his left hand. The hand starts to squeeze and you feel pain. This pain goes all the way to the neck and back of your body.

– The patient feels nauseous and his heart starts to burn. Simultaneously, he bears pains in his abdomen.

– The person feels breathless and gets fatigued.

If you notice all these symptoms occurring simultaneously in a person, then it is absolutely clear that he is having a heart attack. In that instant, you can be the only one to help him.

Let us tell you what are the immediate features that you have to take in order to give him ease.

The first thing that you are supposed to do is call the emergency medical helpline.

If you witness a person becoming unconscious and you sense that he is having a heart attack, do check if his pulse is running. If you fail at finding the pulse and the person isn’t breathing either, then you should immediately give him CPR.

In a rapid state, push on the person’s chest. Make sure that approximately 100-120 compressions are made per minute.

How to prevent heart attacks?

If you are a heart patient, you should take measures to prevent heart attacks from happening.

Take the medications prescribed by the Doc:

With the intake of medication, the chances of heart attack occurrence lower down. Your heart gets to function better with the medicines. Lipitor is the most effective medicine to improve heart function.

While we all know that medicines to treat heart diseases can be expensive, generic Lipitor cost online is the most reasonable cost-effective option.

Improve your lifestyle:

Besides taking the right medicines, it is highly essential for you to make your lifestyle better. All you have to do is eat healthily, curtail smoking, do physical exercises regularly and stay away from stress. These are the conditions that trigger a heart attack. If you are already a patient with high blood pressure or diabetes, you must improve your lifestyle.

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