What Is Divine Healing?

posted by Chris Valentine

Divine healing is a term that is often used in religious circles. However, it is not always religious in nature and, if it is, not always following the same religion. SCOAN (Synagogue Church of all Nations) practices diving healing through the hands of their prophet, TB Joshua. However, just what is this and what other forms of healing exist?

Christian Divine Healing Today

Firstly, there is Christian divine healing, also often referred to as “modern” divine healing, which is what is practiced by TB Joshua. Even within this, however, there are different schools of though. For instance, Christians who follow the Corinthians believe that “cessationism” exists, which means the gift of healing no longer exists. They also believe the gift of tongues is no longer in existence. They cite 1 Corinthians 12:9 to support this.

However, according to Exodus 15:26, the Lord is “the Lord who heals”. This means that others believe that those who are truly touched by God, which TB Joshua claims to be, are still able to practice divine healing. This is because the Lord’s love for His people remains unchanged, and His ability to heal is also the same. Additionally, it is believed that modern medicine is a form of divine healing, as it is the Lord’s will that makes this possible.

Non-Christian Divine Healing

Almost every religion in the world believes in divine healing. Within Islam, for instance, you will find Rugya, which means incantations. These are used to cast out Jinn and counter black magic, thereby curing disease. The Buddhists of Tibet believe in Gso-Wa Rig-pa, which includes meditation, mantra, and medicine. Pantheists, including cosmic humanists and New Age philosophers, believe that ancient techniques from the occult and long vanished religions can help to heal the sick. What brings all these ideas together is that they all require some form of ritual in order to work. In the non-Christian view, this ritual tends to be physical, thereby effectively coercing a divine force to use an impersonal and manipulative healing force for good. This is very different from divine healing from a Christian perspective, which is based on the Lord loving all His people.

Diving Healing Under the New Testament

If you read the Gospels, you will have noticed that around 20% of those texts are attributed directly to the healing ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. When Jesus started His ministry, according to Matthew 4:23, Jesus healed every sickness and disease among the people, preaching good news, and teaching in synagogues. It is actually on this basis that SCOAN has called itself a synagogue.

According to Luke 9:1-2, Jesus gave his 12 disciples the authority to heal those who were sick while they were out preaching the gospel. After his crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension, the 12 disciples continue to engage in divine healing, as shown in Acts 5:12-16. Paul, John, and Peter performed great many such acts.

Those who require healing are encouraged to contact SCOAN to see what the prophet can do for them.

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