Summer Camper Trailer Hacks

posted by Chris Valentine

Ah summer time camping, long days spent exploring in the sunshine, cooling off in the surf and hot nights spent under the stars – it really is idyllic. Whilst the summer was seemingly made for those who are obsessed with all things outdoors, it can bring up a few challenges here and there, particularly when it comes to keeping comfortable in that camper trailer of yours. Not to worry, you’re going to have these ever so handy hacks on your hands before you hit up your favourite camping spot! Read on for some very useful summer camping hacks to make your next adventure as comfortable and successful as it possibly can be…

Keeping cool in your camper

One of the most significant benefits of having a camper trailer all to yourself is that you’re pretty much protected from all kinds of weather that might come your way throughout the year. You might, however, find that you have some trouble keeping cool on really hot nights. A battery powered fan is a great way of staying fresh and cool during the night. If you’re up for an investment you could always upgrade to an air conditioning system, check out more information on Cub Campers to see if this is an option for you.

Finding sun safe entertainment 

Whilst the outdoors is amazingly inviting during the summer, you might not want to spend all of your time out in the direct sun. The UV rays can be particularly harmful during the middle of the day in the height of summer. Try to find sun safe activities to keep you occupied during this time. This can include campground games, cooking, arts and crafts, reading, hiking, orienteering or bike riding

Extra safety measures 

With summer comes the potential for a few unwelcome friends in your camper, which can lead to insect bites. Keep yourself safe with a decked out first aid kit that is ready for any nasty nibbles that you might suffer on your trip. You can also prevent this with bug spray and some attentiveness to open windows or crevices. You will also need to come armed with plenty of products that can help to keep you sun safe including high factor sun cream, zinc, hats, sunglasses and aloe vera for treating any potential burns. Sun safety is so important so do not skimp on it any time of year but especially in the warmer spells. 

Hydration, hydration, hydration 

Staying hydrated is so vital when you are out in hot weather. Sweating and general heat just sucks moisture out of your body which can make you feel fatigued and cause unnecessary headaches, so not drinking enough is really going to negatively impact your trip. Make sure to bring plenty of water with you wherever you go and you’ll keep yourself happy, healthy and hydrated. 

Light bites 

No one wants a big heavy meal when it’s truly sweltering outside. Instead, plan yourself lots of lovely light, fresh meals to keep you nourished and satiated throughout the day. Think salads, sandwiches and fruit. This will also ease up on any cooking duties, which is always nice for the person who is constantly hitting up the camp kitchen. Make sure to store your food in an esky or mini fridge to keep everything fresh and safe. 

Keep the outdoors out

Lastly, try your best to keep sand and natural debris out of your camper trailer. Letting clutter pile up is not healthy and a nightmare to clean up after a trip. Try to stay on top of it whilst you’re camping and you won’t have to tackle a big mess when you get back from your trip.

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