Shopping Tourism: 5 Locations that Offer the Best of Both Worlds

posted by Chris Valentine

The impact of the Internet has revolutionized many aspects of everyday life, making life far more convenient for everyone. The affects of long distances for example have been minimized. We are now able enjoy a cup of coffee with a distant friend or relative via video calls, while entertainment can also be accessed from home. Streaming applications like Netflix allow us to watch our favorite films online as an alternative to visiting the cinema while others can enjoy  their favorite online casino games instead of driving miles to the nearest casino establishment.

Shopping is another area that has been revolutionized. Shoppers now have the option to purchases all kinds of merchandise online using their preferred payment method. Whether your looking for winter clothes or summer time trends, no matter the actual season you’ll be able to find what your looking for online! But while online shopping is booming it is just not quite the same. Any passionate shopper will tell you, nothing compares to the real-life experience.

shopping tourism

The culturally unique and vibrant metropolises listed below are some of the best shopping tourism destinations in the world!


  1. Buenos Aires

First on our shopping tourism destination countdown is the sensual city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The spirit of the locals is depicted in every street corner and with fantastic architecture, elegant music and a fantastic fashion scene making Buenos Aires and exciting Modern City to visit. You will find a multitude of small shops selling some of the most amazing designs made with typical fabrics and patterns of the region. The one thing in particular that you will find in abundance is the selection of high quality leather clothes and shoes which are available at incredible low prices.


  1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the second shopping tourism destination on this list. The artistic quest for shopping locations in Buenos Aires is replaced by a modern maze of buildings. Shopping for tech gadgets is ‘a must’ when visiting Hong Kong, but the city also boosts a wide variety of clothing lines and brands that compete with world fashion trends and at the same time express traditional Chinese elements.


  1. Paris

Fashion is a way of life when in Paris! One of the most romantic cities in the world famous for beautiful architecture, fantastic museums and irresistible local cuisine. Shopping enthusiasts will enjoy walking from one store to the next in Paris, intertwined with traditional French bakeries, art galleries, and small workshops offering hand-made goods. Those looking for the major brands in the industry won’t be disappointed either, since Paris is the place to be when seeking exclusive designs from fashion houses the size of Dior and Lafayette.


  1. London

A feast for your eyes, and a problem for your pockets is one good way to define shopping in London. If you thought Paris was expensive, London is about to set you straight. The travel expenses included, there is rarely a city in the world that will ‘melt your plastic’ as easily as London. Despite this, you’ll find it hard to come across a single shopper who has regretted the experience of walking down Dover Street or getting lost in the fabulous Harrods.


  1. New York

If Buenos Aires emanated Latin culture, and London’s shopping centers offered an air of royalty, then New York is the center of the shopping world. Many describe it as a mosaic of nationalities, styles, fashion trends and artistic elements, which is why it is considered to be the ultimate choice for those wishing to get the best of both worlds with a shopping tourism destination.

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