8 food items to include in your diet for a healthy sex

posted by Chris Valentine

Finding the right mind space and moments for intimacy in a relationship requires genuine efforts from both partners. However, it is not uncommon to find some or the other sexual problem that hinders a romantic session in bed. Contrary to popular belief, men also suffer from many sexual issues like low libido and premature ejaculation which disturbs the physical time in a relationship.

However, don’t worry. If you’re facing any such issue, you can try and cure it via natural options, avoiding any medicines. Infact, many sexologists look for ayurvedic or homeopathic treatments, as other medicines usually have a lot of side effects on the human body. Sexual activity connects all parts of a human being and hence cannot be handled lightly. For this reason, it is always suggested to go for the many food ingredients that have been found as relief-givers to male sexual issues and help in better sexual activity, here’s a list if you’re looking:

1) Green Onions

Consuming seeds of green onions is an easy task with huge returns. It improves premature ejaculation and raises sexual capacity in men. Since they are seeds, all that needs to be done is have one glass of water with the crushed seeds. In general, all variants of the onion family are known to fight back intimacy issues with higher sexual boosts.

2) Ashwagandha

This one is right out of the Indian ayurvedic book, an herb that is known for improving brain power. It is commonly prescribed by top sexologists in Delhi to improve various sexual problems like premature ejaculation and allows longer libido in men. Not only is it the best natural solution, but it also comes with zero side effects while reducing tension and increasing fertility.

3) Ginger with Honey

Ginger itself increase blood flow, strengthen penile activity and allows long-term erectile retention. However, consuming it with honey, which is an aphrodisiac, enhance ginger’s ability to help you solve your sexual issues. Having just one spoon of ginger and honey before bed on a regular basis will show effective results. Allowing your body to retain the benefits and process them during sleep is crucial to improve sexual issues.

4) Garlic

Known as an anti-inflammatory plant, it works to enhance blood flow after consumption. This increases your stamina, brings in more time for fun and allows your arteries to clean up. Even though garlic is difficult to consume raw, the cloves can be fried in ghee for consumption. It reduces the effect of age on your sex life as it has ‘allicin’, which leads to muscle growth.

5) Asparagus

Leafy vegetables act as energy boosters, giving high vitamins, nitrates, and minerals to humans. It strengthens penile muscles, fights of lethargy and lowers the chances of nightfall. The best part is that asparagus or any green vegetable can be consumed as juice, like a curry, in a sandwich or in any other shape or form.

6) Lady Finger

Ladyfinger in various forms, as a side dish, as a vegetable curry or even as a powder is known to smoothen ejaculation for men. It works as an item that you can easily consume daily, have no issues in procuring and does taste pretty well. The high content of Zinc in lady finger or okra brings back the sexual vigor in your relationship.

7) Carrots

Consuming boiled carrots doesn’t only help your eyes but also increases your libido. This is because they bring hormonal balance and control any chances of premature ejaculation. It also improves your sperm count and supports effective mobility. This happens because of the presence of the chemical carotenoids and antioxidants in the vegetable, which also helps in keeping the prostate gland prim and proper.

8) Chili Pepper

Chill peppers or other spicy foods, if you can consume it on a regular note, increased testosterone levels in men, allowing them to have better than average performance in bed since they contain ‘capsaicin’, a heat creating component. Moreover, spicy food items also increase the release of endorphins, the happy hormone in human beings.

It is always beneficial to find a solution at home, especially something as simple as chopping up a carrot or a teaspoon of honey. Eating right will not only improve your sexual health but also put your entire body in a better space, something that many of us ignore due to work or added responsibilities that come along with age.

Both partners should definitely have a balanced diet and work to live healthier lives, not only because it benefits their intimate moments but also because it increases their life span. It is a common saying, eat what fits and work what brings, hinting at how food should be eaten as per need and work should be done as per the wants, just like eat will help your sex life and then work it in bed as per your desires.

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