5 of the Most Common Prescription Drugs That Cause Addiction

posted by Chris Valentine

Medication can be a godsend after surgery or for those in chronic pain. However, some of the most common prescription drugs for pain management contain some sort of opioid-based compounds that can lead to dependency and even full-blown addiction.

In fact, the dependency on these types of drugs is becoming a serious public health crisis and needs to be addressed.

So, as prescription drug addiction continues to rise, it is important to look at some of the most common prescription drugs and what forms they come in. Here are five pain medications that can cause addiction.

1. Fentanyl

What is scary about fentanyl is that it is stronger than morphine and has started to be prescribed for people who have developed a tolerance for opioid-based pain killers. Generally used post-surgery and end of life cancer pain management, it is administered through a patch, lozenge, or an injection.

It is also one of the leading causes of overdoses in the US right now, mainly through illegally manufactured versions of the drug which are then used to cut heroin and cocaine to increase the potency.

2. OxyContin

This highly potent pain killer is notorious for its heroin-like effects, and many top drug rehab centers in the US have been treating addiction to this highly addictive prescription drug for several decades now. It is used to manage moderate to severe pain around the clock. It is available in tablet form; however, it can also be snorted or injected if purchased on the street.

3. Morphine

Morphine is a natural opioid and probably one of the most common prescription drugs on this list, if not the oldest. It has been widely available since its creation in the early part of the 19th century by a German doctor named Friedrich Wilhelm Adam Sertürner.

While it is most commonly injected, it can also be used as a tablet or a suppository and is used to treat severe ongoing pain from diseases like cancer. It is also most closely related to the street drug heroin and can be highly addictive.

4. Xanax

This drug used for serious and ongoing panic and anxiety disorders works by calming any abnormal functions within the central nervous system.

However, for those who don’t need the drug, it acts as a sedative and calms the body, creating a euphoric feeling. And even though it isn’t a member of the opioid family, but rather the benzodiazepines, it still has the same addictive qualities as things like morphine or oxycontin.

5. Codeine

This pain killer, generally used for treating cold and flu symptoms as well as mild to moderate pain, has a mild sedative effect and can aid in helping people sleep. It comes in either a capsule, tablet, or liquid form, and it’s combined with things like aspirin or Tylenol. It is one of the milder drugs on this list, as the effects are minimal and only last for a few hours.

Asking Your Doctor About the Most Common Prescription Drugs

Remember, this is just a small list of the most common prescription drugs for pain. If you’re worried at all about the addictive nature or any medication you’re being prescribed, talk to your doctor about your concerns.

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