How to Use CBD Oil for Pain Management

posted by Chris Valentine

If you haven’t read or heard about CBD oil in the past few years you’ve likely been living off grid! One of the most talked-about medicinal compounds of recent years, CBD Oil is being researched still as it is believed to have many beneficial properties.

One such is that it has been proven to help in certain areas of pain relief. Before we go on to discuss the use of CBD oil in pain management, let us explain what it is, where it comes from, and why it is not without a touch of controversy!

What is CBD?

In simple terms, CBD – or cannabidiol – is a compound extracted from the cannabis plant. There are more than 100 such compounds that can be found in cannabis, and they are known as cannabidiols. That should give you an idea of where the controversy comes from: cannabis is, of course, illegal in most states of the USA, but CBD is not.

A couple of points worth knowing here: when you smoke cannabis, the high you experience is provided by the psychoactive element known as THC. This is not present in most forms of CBD oil, although some do contain a trace. So, you get the effect of the cannabis but without the high.

Also, there are some that will tell you that CBD is yet another passing fad, that it does not have any medicinal properties at all. This is incorrect, as research into CBD is ongoing, and it has already been recognised as being a major aid for pain management.

Can CBD Oil Help You?

We will advise you at this point to beware of any claims that CBD oil is a form of ‘miracle cure’; it’s not, but it does have some very impressive qualities, and has been recognised as an effective aid in managing pain caused by the following:

  • Neuropathic pain such as that from migraine, MS and fibromyalgia

  • Inflammation such as suffered via back pain

  • Nociceptive pain such as that which follows surgery or injury

  • Chronic pain as suffered by those with long-term illnesses

  • Topical pain which comes from soreness of joints and ligaments

We feel it important to reiterate that CBD will not cure any of the above, but if used correctly it will help alleviate the pain. Many studies have been carried out into the effectiveness of CBD oil for the above, and if you want to go into more detail there is an excellent resource called CBD Oil Geek which you can access here https://cbdoilgeek.com/best-cbd-oil-for-pain-reviews/.

More About CBD and Pain Management

One thing you need to be aware of is that there is no set dosage for taking CBD oil, although you should always follow the manufacturer advice. Your body size, age, weight and the condition causing the pain will all have an influence.

Also, there are many products claiming to be top quality CBD oil that are anything but; don’t go near any that claim to cure cancer or other conditions, and use the resource we have given you to find the best quality CBD oil for your requirements.

If you are taking medicine already for pain relief or any other purpose, always consult with your doctor before you begin to take CBD oil, as while a natural product, there can be reactions with certain other medicines.

So, to summarise, CBD oil is not a passing fad, has been scientifically tested and proven to help with pain management as listed above, and could be the very thing you are looking for. Check out CBD Oil Geek for all the information you need, and for other uses of this increasingly popular product.

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