4 Lesser Known Benefits of Cannabis Edibles

posted by Chris Valentine

With the news of Canada legalizing cannabis, and many states following suit, the general public is becoming more curious about alternative uses for the plant. Everyone no doubt knows that you can roll it and smoke it – that is news to no one. But edibles, arguably the second most popular use for cannabis, are a little less well known; the processes behind their manufacture, the effects they have, and the benefits they offer are still a mystery to many.

This post will aim to clear some of the air about edible cannabis. While you can learn more at Olli Brands about how they craft premium edibles, teas and additives, this article will mainly be concerned with the benefits of edibles. Aside from the obvious benefit of edibles (that they offer a smokeless way of enjoying CBD and THC) this post will look at four, lesser know reasons to try edibles.

1.High Antioxidants

Antioxidants are compounds that help inhibit the production and spread of free radicals in your cells, which are responsible for diseases like Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s, as well as for the aging process itself. If you have ever seen a makeup commercial tout the incredible, anti-aging properties of their products, they are likely talking about antioxidants. The good news is that, according to scientific studies, edible cannabis has these compounds in spades.

2. Pain Relief

For those suffering from chronic pain, edibles can be an effective form of relief. It must be mentioned that a lot of cannabis effects are highly individuated, meaning that some people will experience greater relief than others – or some people might find smoking cannabis to be more effective – but a large number of people who try cannabis for pain management find it effective. That is, in large part, thanks to the cannabidiol (or CBD) is cannabis.

3. Nausea Reduction

Again, while any kind of cannabis use is individuated, edibles have been noted for their role in nausea reduction, especially for those undergoing cancer treatments and those suffering form digestive disorders. Even if you are feeling nauseas because you are under the weather, you might find solace in a cannabis brownie, gummy or tea. This is thanks not only to the CBD, but also the Tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabinol (THC and CBN, respectively).

4. Potential Cancer Inhibitor

One thing the recent legalization wave has done is prompt more and better research on the medical benefits of cannabis. And an exciting sector of this research is being done in regards to cancer, with research showing compelling evidence that cannabinoids exhibit anticancer action. This is potentially major news for the cannabis users. And while smoking cannabis may offset some of the anticancer benefits (you are, after all, inhaling smoke, which is a carcinogen), edibles will not.

These are exciting times for edible cannabis users, as more and more research is conducted on its benefits. If you are considering trying cannabis, or are simply looking for an alternative to smoking, edibles offer an antioxidant-rich, pain-relieving, nausea-reducing and potentially cancer-inhibiting experience.

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