Memory Supplement for Memory Loss

posted by Chris Valentine

If you are considering taking a memory supplement, you may be overwhelmed and confused by the dozens of products that are sold for improving memory and cognitive function. Many are concerned about memory loss that occurs with age and seek to reverse memory loss and prevent future mental decline. Supplements are marketed for this purpose and some show promise for people struggling with forgetfulness.

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Determining the Quality of a Supplement

The biggest concern when investing in supplements for cognitive enhancement is finding a quality product that delivers results. You don’t have to rely on advertising when you read independent product reviews that are written by reviewers with no ties to the company making the product. There is independent product information about supplements, including prevagen reviews at Brain Enhancement Advisor.

Three Different Formulas

Most supplements are made in one formula that is marketed to everyone. In this area, the product is unique because one size does not have to fit all. This supplement is available in three formulas. This includes the regular strength supplement, an extra strength variety, and chewable pills. For those who have trouble swallowing pills, the chewable formula is very helpful and enables them to take the product with ease.

Ingredients used in the Formula

This product actually contains an active ingredient that is somewhat unique among the best nootropics . The active ingredient is a patented protein, known as apoaequorian. This protein is found in certain types of jellyfish. Information is sparse about the other ingredients used in the formula.

How the Product is advertised

The manufacturer, Quincy Bioscience, markets this product as the number 1 memory supplement on the market. It is found in pharmacies and online. They claim that the supplement functions differently than other products that are sold for memory enhancement. In addition, the product is advertised as being processed in a cGMP compliant facility.

Research about the Effectiveness of the Supplement

Clinical research and testing can provide information about how well a product works. The manufacturer offers information about clinical research. They conducted a double blind placebo controlled study of the product with 218 individuals over the age of 40 over a period of three months. The research showed that those taking the supplement saw a substantial improvement in word recall, learning, and those with mild problems with memory appeared to have some improvements.

How Users Rate the Product

Prevagen reviews are generally positive in terms of the effectiveness of the product. Where users find fault is with the price of the supplement. Another problem for some people is the fact that the product is not vegetarian, as it contains protein from jellyfish. Users have not reported any side effects with this product.


The price will vary, depending on the formula that you select. The stronger varieties of this formula are also more expensive and a month’s supply will cost around $60. However, there are discounts available for bulk purchases. If you plan to use this product for a period of time, it may be worth ordering more at one time to take advantage of these discounts and save money.


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