The Importance Of Pampering Oneself

posted by Chris Valentine

You only have one life, so enjoy it! You may be forced to live at the speed of lightning with so much to do. You have a job, a spouse and maybe kids who take up so much of your time. You are left with little or no time to yourself. Stop for a second, if you can, a day or two and pamper yourself. Have a little you time by setting everything aside and make yourself feel good. You can pamper yourself by getting your nails and hair done, getting a massage at a spa, soaking in a hot bath, going dancing or playing golf. It has to be something that will make you feel better or something that you like, but don’t often have the time for. Here are reasons why you should pamper yourself.


1. To avoid burnout

When you don’t pamper yourself, you will surely experience burnout sooner or later. This state of mental and physical exhaustion can make you not perform at your optimum level at work or at home as a parent or spouse.

2. To be re-energized

Pampering yourself boosts your energy levels. If you take time out and go for a massage and get your hair done, you will come back feeling like you can take on a full army by yourself. It gives you the strength to carry on with what you do and take up more challenging roles in your life.

3. It promotes mental well being

The ultimate cure for stress and mental breakdowns is pampering yourself. It helps you feel relieved of your stress and half your problems not forgetting mental breakdowns.

4. Gives you a youthful glow

You feel years younger after a pampering session due to the release of endorphins in your body. You can check out mybotoxla.com to pamper yourself by getting Botox or a facial to give you that youthful glow. These age defying treatments are done right and by certified professionals.

5. It promotes general happiness

When you pamper yourself, it’s like being injected with a feel good hormone. You become so happy even if you have so many issues to need to deal with. The people around you also notice the happiness radiating out of you.

6. Helps you to be more tolerant

Ever noticed how much more tolerant you get with your kids, spouse, bossy bosses and annoying colleagues after you’ve had a day of pampering? You are able to condone and accommodate people who you would have had a harder time accommodating before your pampering break.

7. Makes you more confident

When you pamper yourself, you look and feel like a million bucks. This directly boosts our self esteem and confidence. We are able to walk tall, speak up in meetings and make bolder decisions.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to pamper yourself. You can just decide to do free tasks like soaking in a bath and it will be worthwhile. You also don’t have to set apart a lot of time. Getting your hair and nails done can take about an hour, so don’t wait till you go for vacation to pamper yourself. You can do it every week at home.

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