Six signs you are becoming an addict

posted by Chris Valentine

Drug addiction is amongst the lethal issues that cause millions of deaths every year. Different types of drugs and toxic substances cause the loss of precious lives. From weed to crystal meth, cannabis to cocaine, other harmful drugs damage the individual’s mental and physical health. But even after knowing the harmful effects of drugs, the addiction becomes so strong that it becomes hard to quit. Every individual uses drugs as an escape route from personal or professional issues. It could be any emotional trauma that can push you into the deadly world of drugs to find temporary pleasure. 

There are different myths related to drugs, but it is crucial to seek proper medical consultation if you face this issue. Every person needs to understand that drugs can only provide the temporary pleasure that will last only a few seconds. Imagine how it will affect your professional and personal life? Or how can you expect your loved ones to be happy by seeing you high every time? You need to know the following signs of becoming an addict, so you can take the proper steps of prevention before it is too late. 

Physical Symptoms 

You can observe different changes in physical appearance due to continuous drug addiction. Some of them include bloodshot eyes, dilated pupils, and constant puffiness on the face. If you are losing or gaining weight suddenly, it is also the result of substance abuse. In such a situation, you have to look for a drug recovery treatment center such as Delphi health group to start the recovery process immediately.  

You should understand that it is mandatory to seek drug treatment at the right time. A delay can cause damage to your health, so you have to find suitable treatment options as per your drug addiction. It is also essential to take fatigue, headaches, nosebleeds, seizures, and persistent illness seriously, leading to further physical complications. 

Loss of Motivation 

If you continuously depend on specific drugs, you lose interest and motivation in different aspects of lives. You will no longer be interested in your personal and professional matters. It will affect your performance at work, making you lose your job. In short, you will funnel your energy solely to consuming drugs. 

The constant failure of deadlines and projects also reflects the lack of passion and enthusiasm. So, whether you are a professional working anywhere or a student, you will struggle to accomplish your goals due to prolonged substance abuse. 

Continuous Mood Swings 

Constantly failing to control your emotions reflects an underlying struggle. Most addicts feel sudden anger, irritation, and depression, making it difficult to handle their moods. Although these are natural emotional responses, if your mood changes continuously, it could be a symptom of drug abuse. 

When the body of an addict gets used to drugs, it becomes tough to control the urges. So, if you are not getting your desired substance on time, a sudden change in emotional response is guaranteed. 

Changes in Sleep Pattern

Drug abuse affects the sleep habits of an addict by altering the hormones that cause wakefulness and tiredness. It can disrupt any individual’s schedule and badly impact the daily schedule. For example, if you sleep for fifteen to sixteen hours a day, how can you expect to be on time at work or anywhere? 

On the other hand, when addicts stop consuming drugs, they start experiencing the opposite effect. For example, they might experience staying up or oversleeping for long hours. It is also one of the signs of drug dependence. 

Poor Mental Health 

Drugs affect your physical health and the functioning of your brain, especially the way it reacts to dopamine. Such chemical changes cause various mental health issues that lead to further health complications. 

Such types of chemical changes affect your ability to focus on anything. Also, addicts start hearing voices that cause compulsive actions and constant anxiety. Once addicts are not in the right mental state, it affects their personal lives. 

Unhealthy Relationships 

One of the significant signs of drug addiction is the unhealthy relationships that addicts encounter. Nobody wants to keep ties with an individual who prefers to stay high on drugs rather than maintain a healthy relationship. So, if you are having problems with your spouse, friends, or other family members, it means your addiction has become severe. 

Drug addicts also face situations where their friends and family members refuse to recognize or introduce them in front of new people. It badly hurts the individual’s self-esteem, leading to further isolation from society. 


You should understand that there is no high better than life. Rather than staying high on drugs, be high on your life and passion that will help you become a better citizen of society. You should understand that after the pleasure of a few minutes, a dark misery is waiting for you. It could last forever if you are not going to change yourself. So, if you are experiencing any of the signs mentioned above, you should start taking the proper steps towards recovery right away. 

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