Five Ways To Make Your Home Smell Amazing

posted by Chris Valentine

Smell is among the top contenders when enlisting factors that create powerful first impressions. Our olfactory system is one of the most potent ways we explore the world around us, and the slightest of bad smells can be an instant turn-off. This rule doesn’t just apply to people, but to places too. No matter how nicely decorated your home is, a foul odor can be the first thing that people register as it wafts through your doors.

There are several reasons why your home might not smell fresh. You may have pets, a sewage problem, plumbing issues, mold, trash, and more. No one wants their homes to be reminiscent of unsavory smells. If you find yourself fretting about how your home smells, we understand the situation can be pretty anxiety-provoking.

However, making your home smell amazing is easy if you know where to start. Below, we’ve listed some ways to make the air in your home more pleasant to the nose. 

Fix your sewage issues

Sewage causes some of the most potent, mind-numbing odors homes can develop. Sewage-related issues such as spills are pretty common and leave a musty, rank stench that can permeate your home for a long time. What’s more, it can be challenging to remove the stench for good unless you get it professionally cleaned.

Adding perfumes or air fresheners on top of the sewage smell can make your home smell even worse. Also, cleaning up sewage yourself can be dangerous and cause your home to become infected with mold. So it’s best to call in the pros to clean things up. Professionals know the best ways of cleaning up sewage and disinfecting your home. The sooner you get rid of this stinky menace, the easier it can be to control water damage and any resulting smells.

Clean out soft surfaces 

When we think of bad smells, soft furnishings don’t often come to mind as a culprit. However, your bedding, linen, closet, carpets, and upholstery can be a prime source of bad smells. These areas are prone to developing a musty, wet odor that can become overpowering with time. What makes things worse is that these are the surfaces used most often by guests and family members alike, and the smell can make your whole home seem dirty and smelly. 

When it comes to linen such as bedding and tableware, wash it frequently with a fabric conditioner to impart a long-lasting pleasant smell. Consider having carpets, curtains, and upholstery cleaned by professionals every six months. Even when you clean up wet or dry stains, they can leave behind odor-causing bacteria, which can make your home smell musty. Several odor-killing cleaners can also help you keep your soft surfaces smelling amazing even without spending on professional intervention.

Take care of pet smells 

Whether you have a dog, cat, mouse, or a bird, you’ll know that despite all the love and affection they bring, the downside is they can make your house smell bad. It doesn’t matter how well-trained your pets are; pooping accidents happen from time to time. And sometimes, you might not even know until the smell gets too pungent. Even when there aren’t any accidents, pets can have their unique smell, which can become overpowering. 

Of course, getting rid of your pets isn’t an option. But what you can do is neutralize these smells the best you can. Apart from cleaning the home extra well, get your hands on some powerful neutralizers. Apart from fancy store-bought varieties, baking soda is one of the best ingredients to use. Sprinkling some baking soda on the carpets as you vacuum, the sofas, cushions, litter boxes, and more can help you keep any funky smells away. Also, please keep your pets clean!

Go subtle when it comes to scents 

If you have a home with mysterious smells fuming in every corner, you might feel dousing the place with an air freshener is the best solution. However, if you want to make your home smell amazing, you need to try out subtle scents instead of too strong, “in-your-face” ones. Once you’ve removed the bad smell, adding a light, fresh smell can make your home feel clean and posh. 

If you host many guests often, it is smarter to stick to lighter, fresher scents instead of sweet, cloying gourmand smells. Lavender is always a fan favorite and can make your home seem relaxing and pleasant. Citrusy smells are also an instant mood-booster. If you want a sophisticated effect, try something woody or musky. Sticking to classic aromatherapy scents is a safe course of action when you’re looking to make your home smell amazing.

Ditch conventional air fresheners 

While the scents from an air freshener are undoubtedly potent, they can also be artificial and even tacky at worst. If you want to lend a more sophisticated air to your home, opting for diverse methods is a better option. 

One of the best ways to make your home smell amazing is by using scented candles. Scented candles come in various scents and can give your home a long-lasting aroma that is sure to mesmerize your senses. You can also opt for reed diffusers for an elegant effect. Using scented candles and reed diffusers act as excellent décor pieces too. You can also use essential oils sprinkled around the home for a gentle yet riveting smell throughout the house.


You might find yourself at a loss if you’ve failed to make your home smell nice so far. But the tips mentioned above can help you replace nasty odors with pleasant fragrances in the best possible way. Our olfactory system is a powerful way of learning more about our surroundings. With these tips, you can enchant everyone the minute they step inside your home.

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