American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

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 Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

American College of Acupuncture and Oriental medicine is the perfect option for anyone who wishes to broaden their knowledge of Chinese and Oriental medicine and it is without question one of the finest colleges of its type in the USA. This college has already gained numerous awards and accreditations for its excellent standards and high grade results, and it is the best place for any student wishing to learn these techniques and this knowledge to go to. Let’s break down what the college is all about, what courses are on offer and what the benefits are of studying there.

The College

The college is based in Houston, Texas and it has 6 campuses across the city which it uses to teach its students. The university has tight links and partnerships with many schools across China which it uses for sharing knowledge and for exchanges between both students and professors. The college was ranked number 1 acupuncture school in the country and it is widely respected by everyone within this community.

Which Courses?

At the university you’ll find many short courses on aspects of Chinese and Oriental medicine, as well as acupuncture courses. This isn’t all however and this university also offers 2 Doctorate courses and 2 Masters courses which are as follows.

Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

A comprehensive 4 years course which will get deep into both and Chinese medicine. Within this course you will become fully licensed to practice acupuncture and you will also learn about tai chi, qi gong, tui-na and herbology as part of your studies.

Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

This course is also 4 years long and will take a deeper look into Oriental medicine on the whole rather than solely focusing on Chinese medicine. Branches of medicine such as gynecology will also be taught within this course.

Master of Integrative Healthcare Leadership

Beyond acupuncture and medicine this Masters course will take you through the leadership roles within healthcare settings which will enable you to gain the necessary leadership skills for a career in healthcare.

Master of Integrative Wellness Management

In this one year course the focus will be on administrative roles within health care, as well as learning about traditional medicine and how the two paths cross.

Benefits you can Expect

After completing a course at this institute you will be fully ready for a career in healthcare, and even more so with the field of Chinese and Oriental medicine. Thanks to the skills which you will learn here you can launch your own business, help and educate family and friends on health and benefits of this type of healthcare, and you can also prepare yourself for a leadership role in the future.

If you have any interest in Oriental or Chinese medicine then this is the perfect college for you to go and study those topics to a high level.

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