This Is Why Your Workout Routine Should Be Tailored to Your Body

posted by Chris Valentine

From helping you to manage a healthy weight, to enhancing your physical attractiveness, boosting your heart health, promoting sleep, improving your sleep, promoting your happiness, and improving your overall health, the benefits of regular exercise can never be overemphasized. However, it is highly important to follow a workout routine that is based on your current fitness levels, health status, and what you want to achieve. Diet also plays a huge role as far as getting the desired results is concerned.

In this article, we’ll be looking at some reasons why your workout routine should be tailored to your body.

We’re Made of Different Body Types

With more bias on the ladies, we all have different sizes and shapes… we have different body types. You could be an hourglass, pear, banana, or carrot. In essence, your current shape and form will help you make the decision to start working out and how to go about it, perhaps with the help of a good personal trainer. If you have a “carrot” body type, for instance, you would want to concentrate on workouts that focus on your upper body/truck. While at it, it is important to note that since body type and shape are determined by underlying and predisposing factors such as genetics, gender, hormones, and race, among others, it can be difficult to completely change your body type. However, you can always make gradual improvements if you stick to your workout routine, the right diet, and do the right exercises.

Size and Fitness Goals

Well, it goes without saying, size is the biggest motivating factor towards exercise. But the big question is, do you want to reduce fat in your arms only, or is it just your butt that requires some trimming? Is it just the tummy that is making you look fat and unhappy about your body image? As you will learn more here, Grace, from Nathan DeMetz Personal Training affirms that one of the most important things to do, before setting your goals and adopting a workout routine, is to look at yourself in the mirror and discover what exactly makes you feel unhappy about yourself. You may not necessarily be able to control where fat is stored in your body, but you can indeed control how much of it is stored by your body! The key to achieving fitness is by first determining your body’s fitness needs, which will lay the foundation of your workout plan.

Your Overall Health Could Limit You

The other crucial reason you should tailor your fitness routine based on your body is your overall health status. In other words, your health may not permit certain resistance levels or types of exercises. If you have a chronic illness such as arthritis or heart disease, for instance, some types of exercises could be dangerous if not impossible to perform. The same case applies to those who want to stay fit during pregnancy. Those with conditions such as diabetes may also experience certain challenges since your caloric intake is basically limited. For this reason, it is important to work with a certified and experienced personal trainer and consult your doctor before you embarking on a particular exercise routine.

In summary, your body should dictate your workout routine and your fitness goals overall. The good thing is that despite your body type, shape, size, or health status, exercise is still beneficial to your overall well being and there’s always a workout solution for you. Your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, as well as your overall wellness, depend on it!

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