No More Lazy Lions: The Top Health Benefits of Being Productive

posted by Chris Valentine

People tend to be most productive on Mondays and Tuesdays according to a recent study by staffing company Accountemps and an independent research group.

Twenty-nine percent say Monday is the best day for being productive, and 27 percent pick Tuesday. By Friday, the number drops to 11 percent. William from festoon lighting Sydney, that specializes in the hiring of festoon and fairy lighting said that this seems to be spot on with his workers attitudes.

Meanwhile, 75 percent say mornings are the best time of day to get things done.

These productive people are always so happy and energetic, but how do they do it? What motivates them? Because knowing when and how to be productive doesn’t really do the trick, does it?

But what does, you ask? Because something is driving people to hit the ground running.

To help answer your question, we’ve put together some of our top favorite reasons to be productive. Keep reading to see which motivate you, then get started with a productive day as soon as you can!

Makes You Happy

It’s not entirely clear whether productivity creates happiness or whether happiness breeds productivity, but they do co-exist.

Does the chicken come first? Or is it the egg? We can’t say for sure, but when people are being productive, they tend to feel happy. Maybe it’s because they are busy in life and connecting with others.

Productivity by design involves connecting with others whether directly on a team or through communication. And connection may be key as when people feel isolated or lonely, they aren’t as productive.

Whereas companies that find that providing opportunities for their people to connect emotionally helps in improving productivity. Feeling connected equals happiness and productivity, whichever comes first.

Lets You Expand Other Aspects of Your Life

When you’re productive and doing something you like, you immerse yourself in the activity and get the chance to add things to your life. Being in the world, you can learn new things and grow your intelligence. When you’re being productive at something physical, you can build muscle and become healthier.

Often when you’re doing your thing, you meet new people with similar interests. You can expand your circle of friends and your work network.

If you’re working with like-minded people, they can open the door to new things that you might love — new restaurants, music, movies, and other cultural activities, for example.

Boosts Your Well-being With a Sense of Purpose

Humans thrive when they have a purpose, and when you’re being productive, you’re fulfilling a purpose. You’re doing a useful task that offers some benefit to someone or something.

When you complete a task, you usually feel a rush of happiness or at least some sort of satisfaction. Truly happy humans are being productive towards a purpose that they feel good about, and when humans are happy, they’re well-being improves.

If you don’t get that sense when you’re productive at something, find a new purpose.

Gives Your Mind a Boost

When you’re busy with a task, your mind is active. You’re also focused so you don’t have time for negative thoughts. Instead, your thoughts flow, almost like meditation.

Plus, as mentioned, you’re often learning, not to mention that when your mind is busy you help keep mental decline at bay and you’re less likely to eat out of boredom, so your health gets a boost too!

Helps Other People

When you’re doing a task, it’s usually with a purpose like to complete a job. This helps your employer or the people that benefit from the product you put out. If you’re a teacher, your product is education and if you’re productive in educating and planning your lessons, you help your students learn.

If you’re an artist and you paint a mural on a wall, you bring enjoyment and beauty to the people in the neighborhood which improves their general quality of life.

If you’re a plumber and efficient and see a lot of clients in a day, you can unclog a lot of drains and help plenty of people get on with their daily lives.

If you’re productive with cleaning your house, you end up with an organized, comfortable space which helps you and your family enjoy day-to-day life.

If you’re sharing a task with someone, you’re helping make that person’s job easier! And when you help others, that feeling of giving comes right back at you.

Helps Improve Your Lifestyle

If you’re productive at work and do a great job, you’re probably getting paid well for it. This allows you to build a comfortable lifestyle for yourself and your family.

We’re not talking about overdoing it and being a workaholic, but if you’re productive with a fulfilling sense of purpose, you’re doing your share to help others and getting compensated so you can be responsible for yourself and your family.

Let Being Productive Make You Happy and Vice-Versa

Now that you know that being productive makes you happy and that you’re more productive when you’re happy, it’s a no-brainer to do what it takes to lean into your happy place and shift into high gear at peak times for you.

As you lean in, you’re more likely to bring on more happiness and energy even as you expend energy. It’s like when you do someone a good turn — the more you put out, the more that comes back to you.

Soon the happiness becomes part of you and you’ll notice as you build that positive energy, literally, your health also flourishes. Enjoy your life and everything you produce, you gorgeous workhorse, you!

Also, if you liked this productivity-happiness life hack, keep perusing our blog for other unique and outstanding hacks to live by.

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