Steve Fisackerly – How to Regain Some Positive Mental Wellbeing

posted by Chris Valentine

There is no doubt at all that the events of this year has had a more damaging impact our mental wellbeing than many of us have ever witnessed. Even those with great mental health and wellbeing have been tested during this time and it is not just those who have been alone, all of us have had a tough time during the last 6 months, with most of that time being spent in quarantine or under lockdown conditions. As we ease out of the lockdown it is important that we lay great focus on getting that mental wellbeing back. Health expert Steve Fisackerly was discussing this on an Instagram Live last week, and he asked for some suggestions from the viewers as to how to get back on top of your mental health game, and here are some of the best suggestions.

Social Skills 

One thing which we have all been deficient in since we were forced into lockdown is the ability to socialize and that is something which will have had a hugely negative impact on so many of us. This is why now that we have the chance it is essential that we get out there and be as social as we can. Meet up with friends and family, do so in a safe and responsible way, and start to rebuild those social muscles.


Good physical health is not going to overpower mental issues but there is certainly a great deal which you can gain through having better physical health. Feeling confident and healthy is a huge boost for mental wellbeing and if you have spent lockdown giving in to some level of temptation then now may be the best time to trim down a little and get some of that confidence back.


Getting your teeth stuck into a project is a fantastic way to give yourself focus and a goal to work towards. This again is something which will stimulate the mind and give you something to aim for in your life. Knowing that you are on the road to something will always have a hugely positive effect on your mental wellbeing and no matter if it is big or small, this is something that will certainly help to improve your general mental wellbeing.


If you are able to learn to meditate for just 15 minutes per day then you are going to find that you feel happier, you are more focused and organized and that you are much more comfortable in your own mind. Very often when we suffer anxiety it is because of the fact that we are not able to catch hold of these emotions, we are so fuzzy that our minds lose focus and that results in those feelings of being unprepared and things being somewhat out of control. A perfect remedy to this is a simple 15 minutes of meditation each and every day.

Follow these simple tips and give your mind the boost it needs.

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