Writing on Secrets to Make Happy Yourself and Your Surrounding

posted by Chris Valentine

Every girl once in a lifetime asks a question on how to make oneself and people who surround her happy. The reasons for such a question are numerous. It may be your personal desire to get to know the most information on that or it may even be a task from your teacher in Psychology (use the cheapest essay writing service). But the point is that every girl wants to feel a complete happiness and be attractive to people whom she meets on daily basis.

This writing will provide you with a detailed info on the above-mentioned things.

Being a Gorgeous Girl

Definitely, there happened a moment you noticed that there is a kind of girls who immediately cause everyone’s admiration when coming to a party. There appears the feeling as if the sun came out from behind the clouds. When such a girl is present, it seems any baffling problem is immediately solved at the office or a party gets really hot. Additionally, these girls experience a nigh-on magnetic attraction from men. Are you getting jealous? There is no point! Be sure you are also capable of those girly things.

The key thing you should keep in mind is that the appearance doesn’t play the role here. In order to radiate positive and be charming, it’s not required that you have a definite figure type or a showy haircut. The name of the game is how you feel yourself, whether you have the life energy that finds its reflection in facial expression and gestures. The secret involves being satisfied with the personality you are. That’s why it’s important never to criticize oneself and accept all the disadvantages. If your soul feels the harmony, you automatically seem attractive to other people.

Find Personal Moments for Happiness

What to start from? Just smile when you come to the wardrobe mirror. Believe in good things and get inspiration in the following “happy” advice.

  • Enjoy the planning activity! Uncertainty brings worries, that’s why it’s important to imagine your successful future in a detailed form. No matter whether it refers to your career or private life with the love partner of your whole life;
  • Share all pleasant things from your life with your best friend, mom or on social platforms. Some events described are easier kept in memory. As a rule, some sad moments are absorbed by incredible memories;
  • It’s always better to forgive! A quarrel with a friend, some conflict with your parents or with your soulmate — all those depressive things weigh down us and make really unfortunate. Go against yourself and say: “Let’s forget that!”
  • Make a rule to enjoy breakfasts! It’s the morning that decides on what the whole day will be. Treat yourself: pancakes, mueslis or toasts with Nutella and honey! When getting satisfaction, you program yourself for the luck: things play out that way;
  • Invest in bright emotions but not things! Having visited a concert of your favorite rock star, in the cinema or on a vacation on Maldives islands, you will definitely feel happier than buying the tenth pair of sneakers;
  • Break up rules! Sometimes it feels so good to behave like a bad girl: dance crazy, enjoy the third piece of a cake or the fifth cocktail in a new bar. Those who are capable of overstepping one’s own restrictions are usually capable of showing individuality;
  • Take care of yourself and never ignore personal wishes! Such a life approach allows you to feel contentment of what’s going on. Go in for sport or be lazy, enjoy delicious food and try to forget about calories. Never leave bed when you feel ill. Respect yourself!

Achieve Nirvana

Psychologists point out three keys to reach nirvana and just feel optimistic:

  • The mystery of flowers. It’s not necessary to wait until you are presented a bouquet of daisies or tulips. Buy a chic bouquet for yourself or put in a plant that you admire. Flower aroma is an excellent way to lift the spirits;
  • Pay attention to what you eat. Note that some products can work wonders— they activate “happiness” hormone! Such products include sea fish, bananas, and avocado. They should be included in your daily ration;
  • Spend as much time as possible outdoors and enjoy the sunlight. This way you gain Vitamin D (its deficiency causes terrible mood and even depression).

Strengthen Your Charm

Welcome to the world of brilliant girls! Are you satisfied with the way you are? If your answer is “Surely!” half the battle is won. It’s time to get the so-called charisma. Think about what woman really inspires you. Is it Michelle Obama? Jennifer Lopez or Cara Delevingne? Those girls possess a wonderful charisma!

Psychologists state that charisma is not a trait of character but the way you perceive the surrounding. It’s a well-known fact that people who smile sincerely and feel confidence are more often noticeable than shy personalities.

It’s your turn now: what are the things you are an expert on? Show all your talents to people. Accentuate on that! Any breathtaking skill means nothing if you don’t tell about it.

Always show responsiveness! Try to experience what your nearest and dearest feel. This will help you to find out a person’s needs and guess what a person desires to hear from you. This will help you to find appropriate words and behave accordingly. This thing helps you to maintain a connection with the surrounding and makes people feel sympathy concerning your personality. This is the key to the hearts of people who mean much to you.

Feel the Most Attractive Girl Ever

Besides the above-mentioned, there exists a set of things that will help you to become more attractive:

  • Always smile! Transfer your positive mood to your friends, colleagues, and strangers on the streets. It’s quite pleasant for them! The scientists acknowledge that people feel more comfortable when talking to optimistic people rather than those who are unsatisfied with their lives;
  • The top performance is to treat any situation with humor. Those people who never treat things too seriously and may smile on personal bugs or a situation (if something goes wrong), really possess a wonderful sense of humor;
  • Never give up! Does your life present you “sour lemons” from time to time? Buy tequila this time! All those things will help you to shine like a star!

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