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Still Snapping – Why Photo Booths Have Survived as an Event Staple

posted by Chris Valentine

Whether it’s down to the quality of champagne served, the variety of canapes circulated, the little details can make all the difference. From the detailing on the low hanging lighting to the quality of the table clothes, each aspect adds to the attendees’ initial reaction and perception of the event going forward.

When organising an event, for business or pleasure, your aim will no doubt be to make the occasion a memorable experience for all attending. There is something wonderful about leaving an event with a tangible memory of the occasion in your pocket or handbag. This is why photobooths are still an event staple.

Now you may be thinking that’s all well and good if you’re searching for photo booth hire in Sydney, but getting these large booths transported to other more remote places in Australia is going to be hard. This may have been true previously, however, photo booths have adapted with the times. This is great news for event planners across Australia because they now come in all shapes and sizes. They range from mirror booths, which are fitted with cutting-edge technology for High-Definition prints and instant social media sharing, to vintage style tripod cameras, which look old but have all the technological capabilities of other booths.

The reason why photo booths are popular at events is because they are interactive, and allow instant feedback on the occasion. Not only does a photo booth engage your attendees, but they also get the people attending the event interacting with each other. Photo booths create a more natural interaction between people, in comparison say to an organised game.

Furthermore, photo booths can easily tie into and add to an overall event theme. People love dressing up and taking photographs of the hilarity of the experience, because a photo booth is a temporary experience which means that even the more conservative attendees will likely get involved. Although more photos are being taken than ever before, in 2017 some 1.2 trillion photos were reportedly taken, most of these are taken and forgotten. Therefore, having a physical photograph increases the likelihood of these moments and experiences being remembered. Attendees have a momentum to remember the fun they had and it allows people to hold onto the memories they wish to treasure.

You’ll notice that at events once people start engaging with the photo booth it will create a snowball effect. More and more people will want to get involved when they see people gathering around the printed momentum even after the photograph has been taken. Themed accessories and dress up items can be prepared to add to the theme and help increase the act of publicizing the event. Giving people a photograph allows them to remember their experience and who they experienced it with.

From a business perspective it also works as a marketing tool for future customers. These photos and the branding – either in the picture or on the photo itself, becomes a form of advertising. Acting like a prompt when talking about the event and helping to advertise the company that organised that special event. This particular piece of advertising will be shared with more people than just the attendee.

Attendees may share the photos generated at the event with friends or family, as well as their social media. These photographs tell a story, a story of the type of event, about the event, the theme and the joy that was experienced. There isn’t a better way to show the success of an event than in the smiling happy faces of the people that attended. These are just some of the reasons why photo booths are timeless. One image can say a thousand words.

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