Types Of Beauty Masks

posted by Chris Valentine

Masks are a great way to give our faces a clean and uplifting treatment which leaves them lookin fresh and full of life. If you can get into a good routine in terms of using a face mask, at least 3 or 4 times per week, you can see some real progress in terms of the condition and the appearance of your face. I generally use SK II skincare beauty products, and through using their face mask I have really managed to transform the general appearance of my skin, and no have less noticeable wrinkles, and no more dark patches around the eyes. Not everyone’s skin is the same however, so it is important that when you are looking for a beauty mask, that you understand what you need for your very specific skin type. Once you know what skin type you have, here are some general rules for what kind of masks you shod be adopting.

Normal and Dry Skin 

If you would consider your skin ‘normal’ or perhaps slightly dry, the best idea is to use hydrogel masks, which are highly innovative indeed. These masks generally come in a  gel sheet, which when placed over your face will find its way into all of the contours and creases in the skin. This thin gel sheet locks in moisture and will ensure that your face is left with an effortless glow.

Oily Skin

If you have naturally oily skin then finding the right skincare products to use has probably been something that you have struggled with for a very long time, the same goes for face masks. The product which is most recommended for those with oily skin is a rubber mask, which have a thick texture, and are perfectly suited to those with oily skin. The idea of these masks is that you add water and the skincare mixture to the mask, apply it to your face, leave to set for a couple of minutes, and then peel the mask off, leaving a new mask beneath it.

Acne-Prone Skin 

Some of us don’t get the best of luck and those of you with skin that is prone to acne will know that only too well, especially given that the acne generally appears when there is an important event coming up. To balance the oils in your skin, and lower the risk of acne, the best type of mask to use is a clay mask. Not only these masks soak up the oil in the skin and tighten up the pores, they also manage to soften the skin and leave it looking smooth and beautiful. If you are using different types of masks then you should stop now, as acne-prone skin can easily have a reaction to the wrong product, which could lead to more acne and more clogged pores.

Use the right mask and get yourself into a good routine each week, after just a month you will see incredible results.

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