Budget friendly doesn’t mean cheaper quality

posted by Chris Valentine

Luxury Vinyl Flooring carries many myths with it. Some of those myths claim that you lost quality by choosing an alternative to laminate and hardwood. Those myths also state that the expense of upkeep for vinyl flooring can be hefty, this is also not true.

Actually, vinyl flooring stockists advocate the use of vinyl flooring in any area of the home because of it’s long lasting designs, quality and easy replacements options (when necessary). When you want to truly invest in an area of your home, investing in vinyl flooring is one of the best decisions you could ever make.

Leading vinyl flooring brands such as Karndean click vinyl flooring don’t stay on the shelves long enough to gather dust, Karndean is that popular! The installation process is another big selling point because it’s so simple. Glue down or Click methods make fitting your Karndean vinyl flooring simple and clean, with no excess planks as they fit to size.

Okay, so you’ve made some savings already by having a DIY option, but what many people don’t know is that cleaning vinyl flooring also saves you money. This is because it doesn’t take chemical laden products to bring back your vinyl floorings factory-gleam. A simple sweep, then a mop with a light soap solution and your Karndean vinyl flooring will look brand new. 

Part of the ease of cleaning comes with the moisture resistant and anti-scratch layer that acts as a buffer between harmful stains and spills and your gorgeous new flooring. It might not be spills and stains that you’re worried about, but it you have children or pets, they are more than likely to occur and it’s important that you have the right prevention methods in place, or else you will pay the price later (and it might not come as cheap).

See, vinyl really has thought of everything, even what happens when a vinyl tile or plank incurs more permanent damage such as cracks or breaks. Don’t even think about replacing your whole flooring if this happens – you don’t have to! Just a quick removal or the damaged tile, replaced by a new one and your flooring will be good as new.

Now the only thing left to establish is that Karndean has the right amount of designs, textures, and palettes for you to choose from. We’re pleased to inform you it does! Karndean vinyl has your style and personal tastes covered, as well as your lifestyle and family.

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