7 Pieces That Can Transform Your Home Completely

posted by Chris Valentine

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Are you trying to find the perfect statement piece to make your home interior stand out from the crowd? In this article, we are going to talk about seven pieces that can transform your home completely. Big and small, these ideas can change the feel of your environment in an instant, and can even improve your property value. Sound interesting? Then keep on reading.

A Large Mirror

Mirrors are useful in several ways, and can really help open up the space within the home. They are functional, help make the room appear larger than it really is, and lighten up the environment. With so many designs available, a unique mirror can transform a room completely.

An Indoor Fountain

If you’re after a show stopper piece, you can add an indoor water fountain into your home. Indoor fountains can come in a range of styles to complement your space, but they also have a variety of other hidden benefits. They double as a humidifier, create a relaxing atmosphere, and improve the overall air quality.


Painting has its limits, but with wallpaper, the options for decorating and designing are endless. You can choose something bold for a statement wall, or a style that is simple and elegant. You can also choose to DIY this, meaning you can save your dollars to use on other pieces.

A Unique Rug

Rugs are perfect for increasing the warmth of a space, and can ultimately make everything feel more ‘cozy.’ Not only can they help with noise reduction, but with so many designs available, you’ll undoubtedly find something to suit the style of your home. You can even opt for something bold, that could be your rooms statement piece.


Purchasing a painting can be expensive, but if you DIY the art yourself, you can save money and showcase something that you’ve created. All you’ll need to purchase is some masking tape and paint of your choice, and you can create a beautiful geometric piece on a canvas that’s ready for hanging. You can get creative with color choices and combinations, and even decorate your entire house with your own art.

Wall Stickers

Similar to wallpaper, but easy to apply and remove, wall stickers are becoming increasingly popular and the home designs world. Wall stickers can be used wherever you would like, and come in a range of designs, some of which are customizable.


Chandeliers are a timeless piece that will always work when you want to transform your home. From antique to modern chic, there are many styles that can help light up your home, and nothing can compete with their beauty.

And there you have it! With these seven ideas, your home can be transformed into a chic and stylish environment in no time. Always remember that in some cases, it can be best to hire a professional to complete specific tasks such as installing electrical appliances and lighting. Good luck, and have fun!

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