Rustic Look Living Room Ideas to Make Home Cozy

posted by Chris Valentine

If you are from the countryside and you are now living in the city, there is a great chance that you miss the coziness of a country home. While time may not permit you to go back to the country every so often, you can decorate the house you are living in to give it that homey, countryside look and feel.

Your living room is a great area to start because it is where most family members spend time together and where guests are entertained. There are various ways to design your living room to make it cozy and one of these is having a rustic look. Below are some great ideas that you can do for a quick living room makeover.


The coffee tables or side tables in your living room can definitely make a statement in encompassing that rustic look. Try using a tree trunk as your side table or an old wooden tray as your coffee table. Otherwise, you can also use a wood pallet coffee table paired with a tray made of bamboo or rattan. For a solid countryside theme, consider using matching woods for your coffee table and side tables. There are a variety of wooden furniture sources, but if you do not have time to physically visit a furniture store, online sources may come in handy. According to logfurnitureplace.com, there are log furniture pieces suitable for every room. Specifically for your living room, there is a wide variety of couches, sofas, and loveseats that you can choose from. You can even search for a specific wood type you prefer to add to the rustic appeal of your living room. If you are a fan of upcycling instead of buying, paint wooden planks with a wash of white and fasten it on top of a wooden stool. This will give you coffee table a rustic touch.

Table Centerpieces

With tables come table centerpieces that will definitely add a touch of rustic feel in your living room. Place an antler decoration or a white ceramic jug on top of your coffee table and wire baskets or vintage lamps on your side table for an eclectic finish. Add a vintage splash of color to the lanterns to bring the rustic theme to life or display flowers in the lanterns to soften the look. Birch wood also makes pretty candle holders, which you can arrange as a centerpiece for your wooden coffee table. Likewise, upcycle the top of a wine barrel and use it as a tray for your coffee table.

Mantel Accents

Stencil a favorite quote on a wooden pallet and use it as a sign for your mantel. You can even use small metal pails or a wreath made from twigs and branches to fill your mantel. A white frame can also add to the rustic appeal of your mantel.

Hanging Décor

Have an empty space on top of your couch? Make gallery wall and hang up decorations made of wooden pieces like a photo frame accentuated by small flowers or dried berries. Small flowers can also be placed in wooden jars and hung through a brown string. Pinecones and branches also add great details to a wooden-framed mirror or whitewashed window mirror.

Storage and Shelves

Additional storage spaces can also add a rustic appeal to your living room. Use a vintage trunk or a galvanized tub to store extra blankets or pillows. Upcycle and create your own basket by using brown ropes with different textures. Floating wood shelves are perfect for those empty walls. You can place a gallery of your family photos, Mason jar lanterns, or bright plants to accentuate these wooden shelves.

Fabric and Pillows

The fabric with which your rugs are made off can also add to the rustic appeal of your living room. You can use a white fur rug for a soft texture, or a brown rug for a warm feel. Complete your living room look with plaid pillows.

To sum it up, the rustic appeal of a living room can definitely add to the overall feeling of warmth and comfort. While it is true that making over your living room to have a new look means shelling out a certain budget from your pocket, a rustic appeal does not necessarily translate to a lavish lifestyle. Rather, it brings the impression of being closer to nature. Nonetheless, the living room design should make a person feel at home. After all, a living room should be a visually engaging and inviting space, not only for the guests visiting, but more importantly, for the family living together in that home.

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