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Challenges Churches Face In Today’s Society

posted by Chris Valentine

As our modern world is becoming more and more advanced, human isolation is at its peak and the church is struggling to find its place within society. It has become harder than ever for churches to remain a source of solace, a refuge, and a place of worship. Although today’s world calls for solidarity and collaboration, this is rarely recognized within churches and it seems like abandoning religion has become the new norm.

While the church has been in crisis for years and has successfully stood strong amidst all these challenges, today’s technology has greatly affected families and our human bonds. That is why it is essential to be aware of the current challenges churches face in our society, so we can find new ways to keep these holy places stable and serve more people.

People Have Isolated Themselves

With social media taking over, people are no longer interested in being part of a collaborative society. This has created a sense of isolation within our societies, where people rarely gather for a cause. As much as the internet may have connected people, it has also managed to divide them in ways no human ever thought were possible. Volunteering, attending group sessions, and going to church on Sundays are becoming rare among families. Going to church merely for self-actualization and affirmation is no longer enough, as we need a strong community that connects people together now more than ever.

Luckily, some innovators have been trying to figure out ways to fix this; the great minds behind Church Community Builder have created a church software that helps people stay engaged within their societies. Churches now have access to engage their people through these useful management software packages, allowing them to know the engagement of every individual. These numbers can help ministries collect data and have information on the kind of audience they are speaking to. Apps like these can help the church create scheduled events that suit their attendees’ different, and diverse needs while creating a sense of belonging. Our world needs useful ideas that help people come together and free themselves from isolation by trusting the church.

Christian Morality Is Now Viewed as Old-fashioned

Viewing Christian and religious morality as old-fashioned and outdated is now common among most young people. It does not just stop there; some people even view religion as dangerous and extreme. Some devout Christians even take pride in distancing themselves from popular priests or voices in our society. However, if people carefully read and understood the holy book, they would see just how reasonable and respectable religious teaching is.

Although some people do misrepresent the church and have created a strong resentment towards it, they are no more than a minority in our lives. And remember, those people may be flawed and they may have made mistakes, but religion is far purer than to be tarnished by their voices and actions. Separating these human actions from the teachings of God is one way to find our guide back to places of worship.

Mixing Religion with Politics

For several years, the church has taken a political side, which has distanced people and created strong divisions. The controversy of whether churches should endorse political parties or mention politics in their teachings has been going on for a while, which is why the government has prohibited the church from talking about politics or promoting candidates. Although some people were against this, believing it gave no room for freedom, several others were convinced it’s the right decision, since the church is in no place to involve itself with politics.

Seeing religion as a pure entity, it should never be mixed with political concepts that most people tend to disagree on. That is because politics themselves divide people, and this sense of division should not be promoted by the church, which is a sacred place. When people see how priests, or ministers, call for certain political actions, they become more repelled by religion, seeing it through a different lens that is no longer pure or dignified.

In order to find our ways back to our true selves, this moral revolution has to be fought from within. When people start stepping away from individuality and seek comfort in unity, our church will thrive again. As ministries and individuals in today’s world, we need to figure out why we have stepped away from God and his holy place. The more we start seeing the church as a place that brings us together and helps us belong within the society, the more likely we will find our way back to it. It should be more of a community, not a separate entity.

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