Creating A Perfect Home Office Space Is Simple & Easy

posted by Chris Valentine

No one would have thought of getting imprisoned at home for such a long time when we were hit by Covid-19. Ever since this pandemic started we are struggling to cope up with remote work options at the comfort of our homes. Now for those especially in the IT field home has become the permanent office space. It is your choice to set up your home office in the living room or your bedroom, or if you are lucky enough to have a spare room for this purpose. However, your efficiency and productivity depend on how well you organize the furniture for workspace.  Certain elements can be incorporated in a way that can provide you with comfort and motivation while you work from home. This blog will give insight into some useful tips to create a perfect office space in an easy, simple, and affordable way:

  • Simple and Well-organized

If you are a minimalist, simply add some drawers to make it clutter-free. All office stationery, staplers, paper clips, and business cards can be kept in trays and bowls. Keep some colour codes for files and arrange them in an order that will ensure a smooth workflow without wasting time in searching for documents that you require urgently. Use your tabletop to place your laptop, a diary, a pen, and necessary items along with a coffee mug. Everything else can be removed to get the table organized.

  • Bright and Comfortable

Like any other room in the house, it should be welcoming. Home office set up needn’t necessarily be similar to that of your boring office set up. Make it more interesting in a balanced manner by adding some colours, and shapes that can inspire you in your home office set up. However, it should be peaceful and comfortable to work as you enter the room.

  • Invest in a Comfortable Chair

Make a wise investment for comfortable seating and forget about the routine back pain issues. Since we tend to spend long hours sitting in one position while at work, having a stylish, ergonomic, and appropriate height and size for the chair that’s proportionate to your table is very essential for you to be productive at work. You can also buy a comfy office chair online from renowned brands’ like Wakefit. The height of the chair can be adjusted such that your feet rest firmly on the floor. If you are too short, use a footrest. Following the ergonomic rule also includes arranging your computer or laptop screen at your eye level or a little lower. Similarly, your keyboard can be positioned in such a way that your forearms are parallel to the floor. Anaesthetic chair that gels with your home office ambience can provide the level of comfort that you look for while working for long hours sitting in one position. Unless you love the chair you will never sit at your desk for work.

  • Hide all the Wiring

All the visible wires hanging from the laptop, mouse, phone chargers, and printer mess up the office set up in your home. You can conceal the wires using cable organizers. Long wires can be tied using binder clips. Small bins or baskets can be placed under the table to store other stationery items that you may use rarely to avoid messing up the tabletop.

  • Add Wall Organizers, Art Pieces, Decorative Pieces and Greenery

Incorporate things that are visually inspiring and stimulating in your workspace to give your eyes a visual retreat. You are most likely to work alone in your home office set up, therefore avoid monotony. Rearrange the furniture often and place them in a way that what is in front of you will stimulate your eyes and brain and bring in positive vibes. A dynamic colour art piece may be appealing to your eyes. You can decorate the home office using decorative pieces, personal photo frames, figurines, and vases. Short indoor plants make it lively and attract positive energy. Floating shelves can be added for more appealing storage options. You can stack up files and stationery here that are in regular use for easy access.

  • Must- Haves

Have a check-list to streamline the must-have items in your home office set up. Have all these items mandatorily in your checklists such as a computer, monitor, high-speed internet connection, adequate lighting, a comfortable chair, work from home study table, a proportionate desk, a traditional landline telephone, a network router, a surge protector, a printer, personal server or a gadget for essential back-up, a UPS for uninterrupted power supply, and a fire safety box. All these items should not be overlooked while setting up a perfect home office.

Besides these, your budget needs to be considered important and any existing furniture in your home can be converted into utility furniture without spending too much. Once the home office is set up make it a point to clean it regularly. It is very essential to keep the place clean, well-organized, and clutter-free to perform efficiently while you work remotely.

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