How to create brand recognition

posted by Chris Valentine

Wondering how to create brand recognition? ... photo by CC user StartupStockPhotos on pixabay

When entrepreneurs like yourself are busy trying to get a product off the ground, battling against all the noise that’s already out there so you can be heard can be a daunting task.

Struggling to learn how to create brand recognition that really works? Check out our tips below and act on them ASAP … the harder you work, the sooner your fortunes will begin to turn around…

1) Put your company logo on freebies

For many products and businesses, going to trade shows and networking events is the perfect way to advance awareness of your brand, and it’s not just the relationships you build there that will forward this goal.

When you go to these venues, having branded items from Quality Logo Products to hand out to the people in attendance will keep the name, phone number and web address of your business at the front of their minds.

From pens to stress balls, having a branded freebie that potential decision makers will be using to perform writing tasks and manage their anxieties will increase the probability that they will see your brand name and realize that they can use what you are selling to help solve one of their problems.

2) Start up a referral program

When you begin your journey across the entrepreneurial ocean, you’re bound to have a rough time, as few people will know who you are right out of the gate.

Incentivize the first few pioneers that patronize your business to spread the word about it by offering them a tangible reward for sending new clients or customers to your doorstep.

That way, you can begin the process of building enough repeat sales revenue so that you can reach escape velocity sooner.

3) Run contests on social media

There’s a good chance that your company has a presence on the major social media channels out there (if you don’t, get with the times – most people are on at least Facebook or Twitter).

Instead of just posting sales promos and content related to your products, you might want to try running a contest. The reasons for this come down to base human instincts: people love winning free stuff.

When putting an entry in a contest is as painless as submitting a video or photo, it’s not hard to get people to go along with your scheme. Others will be drawn in by their friends and PRESTO! People that weren’t aware of your product or service will now have first-hand knowledge of it.

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