The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Work Environment a Happy One

posted by Chris Valentine

Whether you are creating a work environment for an entire company or you are designing your own home office, you want the space to be somewhere where you feel happy and productive. Check out these tips for creating the best work environment.

1. Find a Bright and Airy Office

Natural light with windows that can open to let in the breeze is important for any work environment. Exposure to natural light improves mood and focus as well as helps you to get better sleep at night. Improved mental clarity for employees means improved productivity for the company. In fact, companies with employees who get a lot of sunlight see productivity improvement of up to 40 percent.

2. Add Some Greenery

Adding green plants and flowers to your office creates cleaner air and improves overall health by lowering stress. Some studies also show that having plants in a work environment increases productivity because they lead to more focus, more creative thinking and improved mood. Remember, plants need their own love and care, so if you don’t have a green thumb, stick to species that don’t require a lot of care, such as jade, snake plant or cactus.

3. Keep Things Clean and Organized

An organized work environment is a happy one. Regularly dust and vacuum the space to keep dust mites at bay. Stick to the old saying of “a place for everything and everything in its place.” Use filing cabinets, shelves and other storage solutions to keep papers and other work items organized. Extend organization to your digital files and online calendars as well to keep yourself from feeling stressed.

4. Use Light Colors

How many office buildings have you seen that have boring white or beige decor? Studies have shown that color is better for a happy work environment. If you want to boost your productivity, use shades of blue in your office. Yellow inspires creativity, red induces physical productivity and green creates a sense of balance. Keep in mind that highly saturated shades are stimulating while pastels are more soothing.

5. Have a Pest Inspection Done

Even the best work environment will go downhill fast if pests find their way in. Hire a pest control company to seek out signs of infestation. If one exists, professionals can combat it. If one doesn’t, they can teach you preventative maintenance tips for a better chance at keeping insects and rodents away.

Remember, bed bugs are a problem even in office spaces and can live in carpets, upholstered chairs or even in walls. If you need an inspection, search for “bed bug exterminator near me” and contact a local company.


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