The Convenience Of Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services – Is It Worth The Price?

posted by Chris Valentine

For so many decades now, doing laundry has been one of those household activities we can never do without. The technology has since evolved from beating clothes on rocks, the use of soapy detergents, to what we see now in our modern world.

Time, is perhaps one of the most important determinant factors for most people when deciding on whether to trust a professional dry cleaner or do it themselves. However, if one would consider the attention that some clothing requires, it’s no doubt that they’ll be best in the hands of a professional dry cleaner. What of the washing instructions, the details, and not to mention the care labels? Nevertheless, there are those who would consider dry cleaning services a luxury. Again, considering our daily routines and busy schedules, why wouldn’t anyone consider professional dry cleaning? And is it worth the price?

How Dry Cleaning Works

Perhaps in more than one occasion, you’ve visited the dry cleaner and probably wondered how dry cleaning works and what happens behind the scenes. As most of us get confused by how “dry” the process really is, it’s not that dry!! This is a process that involves the use of cleaning machines and cleaning solvents.

These cleaning solvents (fluids) are powerful enough to dissolve oils and grease in a way that ordinary water cannot. In addition to this, you’ll find it interesting to note that some fabrics may not respond well to conventional cleaning techniques. These include wool, silk, and loose-colored fabrics. Now that we’ve got that covered, let’s look at the four benefits of professional dry cleaning services in response to the costs.

1. They Pay Close Attention to Detail

Like we had earlier mentioned, time plays a crucial role in our response to professional dry cleaning services. Doing laundry involves a process that is time-consuming. One will need to wash the clothes, fold, iron, and store them in such a way that they’ll be well-preserved. And as we all know, some clothes are built from fabric that is more delicate.


For instance, Julie Alexander from Master Dry Cleaners ( says that for those wanting to preserve wedding gowns, taking it to the dry cleaners is the best way to keep it like-new condition. Professional dry cleaners handle all these details at a considerable fair price. In addition to this, they are very particular on the cleaning instructions on your expensive fabrics.

2. Removal of Tough Stains and Odors

If you happen to be in a blue-collar profession, then you’ll relate better to the subtopic. Tough stains such as oil and grease will not come out easily with the conventional laundry technics. If they do, they’ll still leave visible blemishes that could ruin your appearance. In addition to this, the well-known home remedies may work but end up damaging your garments in the process. Professional dry cleaners know exactly what to use in getting rid of tough stains and odors without damaging your garments.

3. Handling Larger Items

Large items such as rugs, curtains, and sofa covers are somewhat a tough undertaking when it comes to laundry. Using a professional dry cleaning service can help to save you time on such unmanageable chores, giving you the much-deserved peace of mind.

4. Your Fabrics Last For Long

The fact that dry cleaning is less abrasive is another huge reason to use such services. They use greener products that are safe and gentle on your clothes. This means that your fabrics maintain their originality and still look their best for long.

Finally, considering the convenience offered by most dry cleaning stores, the pricing is worth their every effort. With laundry and dry cleaning services, you get your clothes cleaner and smelling fresher. The chances of your clothes getting damage are also lower when you use professional laundry services. You can also have peace of mind knowing that you don’t have any tough stains or extremely difficult laundry tasks to deal with. So, the next time you spill mustard on your white shirt, you’re covered.

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