6 Modern Minimalist Styles to Follow

posted by Chris Valentine

Minimalist Styles

If you’ve been following the trends lately, the word “minimalist” may ring a bell. Minimalist fashion, sometimes known as classic fashion, started around the late 1950s with the focus on simplicity by owning a few clothes and staying neutral or monotone as possible. That concept is just an aspect of minimalist fashion today because modern minimalist fashion isn’t just about the aesthetics anymore; it’s also the approach and attitude toward it.

The main point of modern minimalist fashion isn’t to limit the number of clothes you have in your wardrobe but to have a wardrobe that suits your lifestyle, filled with top-quality pieces that will last and you love to wear, so it’s time to get rid of some clothes.

Have you ever looked at your wardrobe and thought there’s nothing to wear? The reason isn’t that you have a lack of choices, but you’re just having a difficult time deciding from the array of clothes you can choose from.

Often, when people buy clothes, they only use them once or twice, and then the clothes end up at the back of the closets, but having a modern minimalist approach to fashion can help you. Being a modern minimalist means keeping the clothes that jive with your lifestyle and those that don’t, you can always donate or sell some clothes online .

Below are a couple of tips on how you can be a modern fashion minimalist and which clothes to keep.

Clothes You Love

Modern minimalist fashion is about wearing clothes that suit your lifestyle, and usually, those clothes happen to be clothes you love wearing while keeping it simple. If you have clothes that been in hiding for months, they weren’t hiding from you; they just weren’t clothes you like to wear. The other tips below will give you more specific insights on which beloved clothes you should keep.

Go Neutral

It’s hard to mess up an outfit using neutral colors like black, white, brown, beige, or gray since neutral colors match with anything. Neutrals are basic items and necessities in any wardrobe. Since neutral pairs so well with anything, you can be more creative and wear them repeatedly. People won’t even notice.

All Black or White

Wearing either all black or all white is something that certainly screams minimalist. It’s a must for you to have either white or black clothes in your wardrobe. Black gives off a sleek, slimming, and flattering effect on the body, and white gives you a fresh, impactful, vibrant look. Wearing either of those two colors only will make you a head turner.

The Classic: Black-and-White Combo

Being both neutral colors, they complement each other. It’s simple and easy to wear seeing that you can pair them with anything. The contrast between black and white is a classic fashion style that has never faded. You don’t need to fret about what accessory to add to this outfit.

Add a Bit of Color

Wearing only neutral colors, again and again, can become quite monotonous. In modern minimalist fashion, adding a bit of a solid color to your outfit can give it a bit more life, making it more fun and exciting. Since most of these outfit tips are using neutral colors, wearing a piece of red, green, blue, or any other color of clothing as part of your outfit won’t be a problem.


Face it; you don’t wear most of the clothes in your closets and wardrobe, and you frequently struggle on deciding an outfit when you rummage a large number of pieces of clothing you own. Embracing this minimalist approach to fashion can not only declutter your closet but can also maintain your sense of style by keeping clothes you want to wear, making choosing an outfit less of a hassle as well. Minimalist isn’t just a trend nowadays; it’s a lifestyle.

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