Our Top Tips to Live Better With Post Surgery Bras

posted by Chris Valentine

There are a lot of tough decisions to make when it comes to choosing a high quality bra in general, and this is particularly the case if you’re trying to select your first set of mastectomy bras. You can’t take any shortcuts and need to make sure you do all of the necessary research, otherwise you’ll end up lacking a bra that properly supports you mentally and physically.

There are a lot of boxes you need to tick, emphasising just how tricky a process this can be. However, if you do follow these steps you’ll find yourself in a much better place. So what kinds of things should you be looking for? Here’s our top tips to finding a high quality mastectomy bra in 2019.

First of all, you should be looking to buy your bra sets from a reliable and high class company. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you should look for the biggest company in your area and purchase from them. The simple fact is that some companies are better at making post treatment bras than others, and it’s your job to find out which ones fall into this category.

It may mean going out with your comfort zone for a while, but it’ll be worth it. The best way to find out which companies are the most reliable is probably looking at a bunch of reviews online; this will give you the best chance of widening your horizon and having a good bunch of companies to choose from. One good company who we’d recommend you check out are Live Better With.

Next, you need to consider the most important aspect of a bra- who comfortable it is. This is always the case no matter the bra, but it’s particularly the case when it comes to mastectomy bras. You really don’t want to purchase a post treatment bra that doesn’t even feel good when it’s on, as you’ll just have to replace it (which is always a hassle).

In my opinion, the best way to find a bra that’s as comfortable as possible is to get down to all the different shops and try on as many as you see fit. This will allow you to build up a portfolio of sorts; you’ll have an opinion on how comfy a lot of different bra sets are and can therefore make a well informed choice. If you don’t want to visit shops, you could always go online and read up more online reviews.

People will have different mastectomy bras ranked based on a lot of factors (including their comfort) and you could make a decision based on this.

Of course, you also need to take into account how good the customer service is from the company you’re buying from. This isn’t going to be an easy process for you to go through, and the last thing you want is to buy from a company who aren’t pleasant to talk to.

You’ll most likely have a lot of questions and it’s important that you feel as comfortable as possible when asking them, just as it’s important you get nice friendly answers. Look around for the companies that will value you the most.

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