How to Use Hair Clippers for Perfect Grooming

posted by Chris Valentine

When you want to create the perfect style at home you need to use the right tools. Getting the job done and looking good is much easier when you use high quality equipment. And it is also more likely to result in success when you learn how to use the equipment correctly. If you have hair clippers, here’s what you need to do for perfect style.

Do you know How to Use Hair Clippers?

Pick the Right Clippers

When you are choosing the clippers you want to use every day, think about how you are going to use them. You will find clippers with a variety of different attachments which are used to create different styles and cut hair to different lengths. Look at the guard lengths on clippers. Pick a clipper set that is high quality and one that you can interchange the guard lengths if you are likely to change your style in the future. And if you are in the hairdressing or barbers line, here are the best proffesional hair clippers for your business.

Work with Dry Hair

You shouldn’t try to cut hair when it is wet, straight after a shower. You will not get good results. And you will also make the blades rusty before their time. Dry hair with a towel and wait for a few minutes until hair is slightly damp but not wet.

Prepare to Cut

Put the right guard on your clipper for the type of style you want. If you are not confident operating clippers it is a good idea to use a longer guard all over your head first, and then you can progress to shorter in the areas where you need it. Point the clipper blades downwards and have the clipper tip lightly touch the scalp. Run the clippers against the hair growth for a smooth cut.

Cut Steadily

Your hair cut won’t take long, but don’t rush it super-quick as you risk making mistakes. You also risk cutting the scalp if you are too hasty. This does not normally happen with modern, high-quality clippers but it can do if you are not careful.

Shape Your Nape

Take the guard off the clippers and turn it over, cutting a smooth line around the back of the neck and going around the ears. But beware; this is tricky so if you are not confident you should ask for help. Next, cut sideburns at the bottom so that they are even.

Clean the Clippers

Finish by brushing any hair off the blades, disinfect the blades with a little alcohol, and put some clipper care oil onto them to keep them sharp and shiny.

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