5 Ways to Have Fun With Your Hair

posted by Chris Valentine

Your hair is one of the first things people see about you. How you wear it says a lot about who you are, and yes, people take note. From your style and color to how you wear it each day is a form of expression. The beauty of it, too, is that you can go from look to look pretty easy these days and have some fun with your hair. We’re also seeing some things, like vibrant color on an everyday basis. So let’s have some fun!

5 Ways to Have Fun With Your Hair

1. Extensions

Not everyone is born with long, luscious locks. In fact, most of us aren’t, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have them. In reality, most of those movie stars and Victoria Secret models have hair extensions. You can, too. You can do them yourself with easy clip in extensions that actually work great, look natural and are easy to get in and out. Brands like AiryHair are easy to use, make a great product and well worth the money. You can also go to a salon and have your stylist put in your extensions for a longer lasting extension. Remember, whatever you decide with extensions, try to opt for real hair. You’ll want something that not only looks real and blends well with your own hair, but something that you can treat like your own hair, including brushing, washing, styling, perhaps even coloring.

2. Color – Natural

Who doesn’t feel great getting a few highlights or lowlights to brighten up their natural color? Or maybe you’ve noticed a few gray strands whisping around your face or down your part. If you get those covered up, you may feel like a brand new person. It’s easy enough to do, and whether you try it yourself or go to the salon, you’ve got lots of options with color while keeping it natural. Remember, the older you get, you want to soften with color, so add some highlights or go a few shades lighter. Sleek dark brown or black hair, though pretty, tends to be too harsh for some women as they age. Some blends are very popular right now, like ombre or colors like ronze- a reddish, bronzy copper color.

3. Color – Not so natural

What you are seeing more and more of these days are fun bright hair colors, and not just on middle schoolers. Rainbow hair is popping up everywhere, from movie stars to math teachers. It’s a super fun way to get some color in your life. You can go for a bold all over look or a more subtle chunk of hair in the back. That can be fun because maybe you’ll only see it when your hair is up. Some people are adding bright rainbow color to their bangs or to their ends. Have fun with it; it’s your hair after all! Spring is a great time to add this pop of color!

4. Braids

Braids are the rage right now. From crown braids to fishtail braids to soft braids to tight ones, braided hair is a win win look. Whether you choose to go for some tiny detail braids to giant loose ones, braids can add depth, style and charm to your hair. Because the messy look is in, you don’t even have to worry about making the perfect braids. Anything goes.

5. Accessories

So maybe you’re not up for a bold color or extensions. Try some great accessories in your hair – from clips to headbands to hair chokers. Weave some color in your braids with ribbons or add some hair jewelry to a short bob. Dress your waves with clips or simply pop in a great hair choker.

Yes, your hair is part of the first impression you give of yourself. So let it speak for you! If you’re feeling bright and colorful this spring – go for bold color. If you want something more gentle – add some face framing golden highlights. If you want free spirited long waves- add some extensions. Maybe for some sparkle in the evening invest in some great jeweled clips. You can do so many things, just step out and do it!

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