Where to Buy Australian-Made Clothing

posted by Chris Valentine

We live in an era of fast fashion and as a result, we often overlook the intention behind the clothes and how they are made. There is an oversaturation of fast fashion brands. Thus, it is time to be mindful of the purchase decisions you make and reconsider your fashion choices. In Australia, there are many ways you can support First Nations business owners, artists and designers, and also lower the carbon footprint by making conscious fashion choices. At Clothing The Gaps, you can buy Australian made clothing that supports local businesses and adheres to the highest ethical standards. The clothing items are gender-neutral and are made from the highest quality materials.

If you are looking to buy clothing made right here in Australia, then a perfect place to start is Clothing The Gaps, an Aboriginal-owned streetwear label. When you shop the Clothing the Gaps merch, you are contributing to the positive development of the Australian fashion industry and supporting an Aboriginal-owned social enterprise.

In addition to this, conscious consumption comes with its social benefits as well. When you choose to buy Clothing The Gaps Australian-made clothing, you get an opportunity to inspire change for the future and spread awareness about Clothing The Gaps and its mission.

Reasons To Buy Australian-made Clothing

  1. Quality: The Australian-made products are of the highest quality as opposed to the clothing made by large-scale manufacturers. Items from Clothing The Gap’s Ethical Clothing Australia range are produced on Wurundjeri Country in Australia, made by adhering to the highest standards, because Clothing The Gaps has received an Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation. This means that the workers who are involved in the manufacturing of clothes for Clothing The Gaps get adequate payment along with legal entitlements.
  2. Less Carbon Footprint: Clothing items go through several stages before the consumer receives them. Sometimes, clothes are printed in some part, manufactured in another, and then sold in yet another part of the world. This process uses a lot of resources, and the greenhouse gas emissions released in the shipping process can put stress on the environment. When you buy Australian-made clothes, you are reducing this impact on the environment and supporting local businesses. 
  3. Support Positive Development in Australia: You are supporting the economy and ensuring positive development in Australia by consuming Australian-made products. The manufacturing jobs are not outsourced to other countries, which creates more opportunities for work for locals. The Australian standards for the working environment are quite strict, as a result of which the health and safety conditions of workers are always ensured.

Want To Know More About Clothing The Gaps?

If you want to buy Australian-made clothing and support Aboriginal owned-businesses and celebrate the oldest living culture, then start by supporting Clothing The Gaps. The brand name is a play on the words ‘Closing the Gaps’, which is a health initiative by the Australian government to close the life expectancy gap between non-Indigenous Australians and First Nations people.

Clothing The Gaps’ mission is to spark conversation on issues that First Nations people face and influence social change by uniting First Nations and non-Indigenous people. As a brand, Clothing The Gaps is committed to elevating the voices and causes of First Nations people. The merchandise comes as ‘Mob Only’ and ‘Ally Friendly’. The Mob Only labels are created specifically for the First Nations people, whereas allies can wear pieces marked ‘Ally Friendly’.

Clothing The Gaps is an Aboriginal-owned enterprise that was founded by Laura Thompson and Sarah Sheridan. The social enterprise also has a not-for-profit arm – the profits generated out of the streetwear label are directed towards funding the impactful work carried out by the Clothing The Gaps Foundation. Clothing The Gaps is certified by the Kinaway Chamber of Commerce Victoria and Supply Nation as an Aboriginal-owned business. 

More About The Impact Of Clothing The Gaps Foundation:

Clothing The Gaps Foundation is an Aboriginal-led non-profit organisation that aims to create meaningful changes in the lives of First Nations people. It supports the Closing the Gap initiative of the Australian government and organises many fundraising activities to help the community. So far, the foundation has held four events, which saw the participation of over 20,000 people.

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